The Imperial Archives (RPG book)

The Imperial Archives (book cover)

The Imperial Archives is a source book for the Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying game. It is sub-titled “A Rokugani Miscellany”, a collection of all the miscellaneous topics and writings that could not fit into any of the earlier hard-copy books. Here you will find discussions of Shourido and the Susumu family, of the Shogun and his role in the Empire, of courtier characters and how they can be played, of the gaijin people known as the Yobanjin, of the religious role of the Emperor and the Imperial Bureaucracy, the religious and cultural roles of shugenja, a list of hypothetical Minor Clans, and an assortment of famous NPCs from the history of Rokugan. Here you will also find game mechanics that mesh with the topics of these articles, as well as the stats for the Oni Lords, and a comprehensive set of errata and corrections for the entire 4th Edition RPG line.

Credits Edit

  • Written by: Rob Hobart, Marie Brennan, Robert Denton, Maxime Lemaire, Chris Hand, Ryan Reese
  • Edited by: Robert Hobart
  • Art Director: Shawn Carman
  • Cover Design: Robert Denton
  • Cover Art: Gong Studios
  • Layout: Robert Denton
  • Original Graphic Design: Edge Entertainment
  • Artists: Steve Argyle, Drew Baker, Stefano Baldo, Jason Behnke, Hannah Boving, Cristian Chihaia, Miguel Coimbra, Ed Cox, John Donahue, Jason Engle, Shen Fei, Richard Garcia, Jeff Hill, David Horne, Aurelien Hubert, Llyn Hunter, Veronica V. Jones, Wen Juinn, Jason Juta, Kez Laczin, April Lee, Damien Mammoliti, Roberto Marchesi, Patrick McEvoy, Marcel Mercado, Jonathan Moore, Jake Murray, Amy Nagi, Luis NCT, Rebekah Norris, William O’Connor, Chris Ostrowski, Micheal Phillippi, Chris Pritchard, Ramon Puasa Jr., Beth Sobel, Florian Stitz, Gong Studios, Gemma Tegelaers, Isuardi Therianto, Mario Mibisono, Robin Wouters, Sam Yang
  • Production Manager: David Lepore
  • Senior Brand Manager: Todd Rowland
  • Chief Executive Officer: John Zinser
  • Head Playtester: Brian Bates
  • Playtesters: Team 1 (Dave Smith, Patrick Chen, Aien Elmi, Jason Kang, Ki Chang Kim, Roger Liang, Arthur Nguyen); Team 4 (Becca Hobart, Kevin Blake, Todd Stites, Daniel Briscoe); Team 6 (Timar Long, Erykah Fasset, Chad Kirby, Mike Brodu, Maxime Lemaire, Ray Rupp); Team 7 (Jason Shafer, Nathan Shafer, Matt Strout, Liza Strout, Joe White, Terry Moore, Eric Newlin); Team 8 (Edward Reynolds, Brebouillet Mathieu, David Whitney, Richard Whitney, Stuart Biggs, Robert Knight); Team 8b (Michael Hill, Shane Pheeney, Chaedy Ritherdon, Tarl Cowly); Team 8c (Thomas Atwood, Ryan Castilla, Henry Joiner, Brandon Woodmen); Team 17 (Tom Lewis, Jamie Kipp, Gavin O’Hearn, Shawn MacLean, John Taylor); Team 18 (Dave Laderoute, Mike Clark, Chris Talarico, Chris Masdea, Lee Vollum, Richard Hewitt, Bill Hrenchuck); Team 19 (Charles Caswell, Vincent Stantion, Eddie Sweeden, Chuck Sweeden, Justin Cross, Fox Whitworth); Team 20 (Matt Tyler, Timothy Hill, Stephen Mumford, Matthew Linkswiler, Paul Casagrande, Robert Zapf); Team 21 (James Freeman-Harris, Sarah Koz, David Wright, James Mosingo); Team 22 (Scott Shepard, Dawn Dalton, Andrew Doud, Justin Davidson, Jon Huskey, Trista Lillis); Team 23 (James Wagner, Kevin Pason, Ryan Bataglia, Chris Foster, Jim Friedman, Jason Whiston, Phil Jenicek, Dan Sulin, Izzy Lombardi-Friedman); Team 24 (Tony Love, Kassandra Mullin, Brian Tieken, Kimberly Wajer-Scott, Phillip Scott, Nicholas Love, Jerry Fleenor, Patrick Williams)

Table of Contents Edit

Introduction (page 4) Edit

The Way of Shourido (page 6) Edit

Susumu Yanada

Susumu Yanada

The Shogunate (page 12) Edit

  • The Origins of the Shogun
  • The Rise of the Modern Shogun
  • The Shogunate in the Age of Iweko
  • The Greatest General
  • The Duties of Office
    • Limits to the Shogun's Powers
  • The Bakufu: The Shogun's Retinue

Courtier Characters in L5R (page 22) Edit

Utaku Kimiono

Utaku Kimiono

  • The Life of a Courtier
  • Building a Courtier Character
  • Handling Social Rolls
  • Elements of the Political Life
    • Political Position
    • Money
    • Social Wight
  • Keep Swimming
  • The Etiquette of Names

The Emperor as a Religious Figure (page 35) Edit

Amaterasu's Blessing

Emperor Hantei

Shugenja: Conduits of the Spirit Realms (page 46) Edit

  • Shugenja and Faith
  • Practical Magic: Usage of Spell and Ritual
  • The Other Worlds
  • Shugenja-themed Story Hooks

Lost Minor Clans (page 54) Edit

Shinden Shorai

Shinden Shorai

The Yobanjin (page 68) Edit

Mountains of Exile

Mountains of Exile

NPCs from Rokugan's History (page 84) Edit

The Oni Lords (page 92) Edit

Kyoso no Oni 4

Kyoso no Oni

Appendix (page 96) Edit

Index (page 108) Edit

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