Atlas of Rokugan

The Atlas of Rokugan (book cover)

The Atlas of Rokugan is a source book for the Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying game that covered the lands of the Emerald Empire.

Credits Edit

  • Design: Rob Hobart
  • Written by: Rob Hobart, Maxime Lemaire, Marie Brennan, Thomas Willoughby, Dave Laderoute, Chris Hand, Kevin Blake, Ryan Reese, Sean Holland
  • Edited by: Robert Hobart
  • Art Director: Robert Hobart
  • Cover Design: Robert Denton
  • Front Cover Art: Ken Meyer Jr.
  • Layout and Graphic Design: Robert Denton
  • Original Graphic Design: Edge Entertainment
  • Production Manager: David Lepore
  • Senior Brand Manager: Dave Laderoute
  • Chief Executive Officer: John Zinser
  • Map Artists: Robert Denton, Lindsey Steussy, Evan Walters, Andrew Wolf
  • Artists: Hai An, Christopher Appel, Nathaniel Arches, Amy Ashbaugh, Stefano Baldo, Noah Bradley, Brent Chumley, Conceptopolis, Max Degen, Adam Denton, Alex Drummond, Al Eremin, Shen Fei, Viktor Fetsch, Anthony Grabski, Joachim Gmoser, Jon Hodgson, David Horn, Jonathan Hunt, Jason Juta, Alayna Lemmer, Carolina Machado, Ken Meyer Jr., Tony Moseley, Chris Ostrowski, Eric Ren, Fabio Rodrigues, Ellym Sirac, Eddie L Smith, Oliver Specht, J. Edwin Stevens, Nikolay Stoyanov, Gong Studios, A.C. Swedberg, Alberto Tavira, Charles Urbach, Brad Williams

Table of Contents Edit

Rokugan Atlas

Map of Rokugan

Map of Rokugan (page 4) Edit

Introduction (page 6) Edit

Chapter One: The Lands of the Crab Clan (page 10) Edit

Kyuden Hida Map Guide

Chapter Two: The Lands of the Crane Clan (page 34) Edit

Chapter Three: The Lands of the Dragon Clan (page 60) Edit

Tamori's Furnace

Tamori's Furnace

Chapter Four: The Lands of the Lion Clan (page 80) Edit

Kyuden Ikoma

Kyuden Ikoma

Chapter Five: The Lands of the Mantis Clan (page 102) Edit

Islands of Spice and Silk

Islands of Spice and Silk

Chapter Six: The Lands of the Phoenix Clan (page 122) Edit

Grove of the Five Masters

Grove of the Five Masters

Map of Kyuden Isawa

Chapter Seven: The Lands of the Scorpion Clan (page 148) Edit

Chapter Eight: The Lands of the Unicorn Clan (page 168) Edit

Map of Shiro Shinjo

Chapter Nine: The Lands of the Minor Clans (page 194) Edit

Chapter Ten: The Shadowlands (page 206) Edit

Chapter Eleven: The Shinomen Forest (page 214) Edit

Shinomen Forest

Shinomen Forest

Chapter Twelve: Other Lands; Imperials, Monks, and Unaligned (page 228) Edit

Miya Records

The Miya Records

Chapter Thirteen: Otosan Uchi (page 244) Edit

Otosan Uchi 3

Otosan Uchi in 1123

Chapter Fourteen: Ryoko Owari, the City of Lies (page 265) Edit

Ryoko Owari Toshi 2

Ryoko Owari Toshi

Chapter Fifteen: The Imperial City, Toshi Ranbo (page 278) Edit

Toshi Ranbo Map 2

Toshi Ranbo at the beginning of the 13rd century

Index (page 296) Edit

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