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A tetsubo was an iron rod, much like a mace, used with two hands. [1]


Sakamoto's Tetsubo

It looked like a large club with studs or spikes lining the sides. It was a favored weapon of the Crab Clan, who found that the blunt weapon worked well against the hard armor of oni. Furthermore the Crab did not wish to sully the swords of their ancestors with the blood of Fu Leng's minions. Often studded with steel or iron, it was designed to shatter heavily armored opponents. [citation needed] Against the creatures of the Shadowlands, wealthy crab often stud their testubo with jade. [2]


The Crab traced the use of the tetsubo back to Hida himself. Some Crab scholars believed that he carried the first tetsubo with him from the Celestial Heavens, while others believed that when Hida destroyed the Kingdom of the Trolls, he took his tetsubo from the King of Trolls. [3]

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