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Iron Mountain 2

Iron Mountain

The Iron Mountain (D16) [1] in the Yakeishi province, [2] lent its name to the Iron Mountain Dojo of the Dragon Clan. The mountain itself was extremely rich in iron deposits, and supplied the majority of the clan's metal deposits. The mines at the base of the mountain had been in operation for centuries, and still produced as much as ever. [3]

Discovery Edit

Agasha sensed the strength of the earth kami within the mountain and told Togashi and Mirumoto of this finding, and the mountain began to be mined by heimin workers. [4]

Iron mines Edit

Tetsu Kama Mine

Tetsu Kama Mine

The mines were not directly seen from the roads. The Mirumoto found more mining promising the farthest mountain face. The ore was used to smith the Mirumoto family's armor and weapons. The mountain was treated as sacred ground, with many small shrines around the base. [5]

Nearby Holdings Edit

The village of Tetsu Kama Mura laid atop of the mountain. [6]

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Tetsu Kama

Tetsu Kama (D16)


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