The Terrible Day was a Nezumi legend that spoke of "The Terrible Day When Air Became Fire And Heaven Fell from Its Perch to Crush Our Glorious Home Beneath Its Blackened Corpse". [1]

It was the day when something fell from the sky and crushed their entire civilization. Back then, the Nezumi society was flourishing. There were entire cities of them and they insisted that they were sage and enlightened. Food was abundant and their empire could rival the one human Empire that would evolve over the next thousand years. It was commonly believed, and correcly so, that The Terrible Day was the day that Fu Leng fell from the heavens into what became the Shadowlands. [2]

Virtually every trace of the great civilization the Nezumi race had established was eliminated. As much as three-quarters of their race was wiped out in a single day. Many more died in the aftermath of the nightmarish event. [3] It marked the end of the age called by the Nezumi as Before Time, and the beginning of a new era, the Race Against Tomorrow. [4]


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