Tengoku's Justice

Tengoku's Justice

Tengoku's Justice was a small, mobile and fast-attacking juzimai. [1]

Juzimai Edit

Ruthless in the extreme, the mountain bandits were as reviled as the Forest Killers. The band made their home in the Dragon mountains, pillaging and laying waste to entire villages to gather the supplies and wealth they desire. They trust in the traditional inaction of the Dragon to make their apprehension less likely, but had drawn the unwavering attention of the magistrates of the Mantis Clan due to their actions. [2]

Technique Edit

They used the Heaven's Curse technique, which gave them advantage during skirmishes where their prey were surprised. [2]

History Edit

The bandit gang was founded by Justice, a former Shiba Bushi who his his face under an ornated mask. [3]

Dragon territory Edit

They plagued Dragon lands during the years when the Imperial Throne was vacant. [4]

Mantis Claim Edit

The Dragon studied the bandits to destroy them once for all, but before they stroke, the Mantis Clan claimed their right to pursue them within Dragon territory. The Mantis were granted pass by Otomo Hoketuhime's decision. [5]

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