The Temples of the Thousand Fortunes was the oldest sect in Rokugan, pre-dating the Empire itself. [1]

Organization Edit

This order of monks were technically a part of the Brotherhood of Shinsei, but in actuality a large network of shrines that were more devoted to to the individual Fortunes than studying the Tao. The network was dominated by the seven largest temples, which had shrines to each of the Seven Fortunes. They were scattered throughout the Empire and beyond them lied a network of hundreds of small shrines and temples. Every province in Rokugan had at least one such temple within their border. The doctrines of each temple varied depending on which fortune or fortunes they worshipped there. The monks believed that the fortunes did not coddle mortals, but rather bestowed blessings upon those they deemed worthy. [2]

School Edit

The primary teachings and devtion of the Temples of the Thousand Fortunes were the Fortunes, but things such as juijutsu, history and other lores were also taught. [2] The honing of both body and soul coupled with the metaphysical nature of the Fortunes themselves enabled these monks to unlock the mystical power of kiho far more easily than other orders. [3]

Tradition Edit

The order was the most willing to accept and acknowledge new changes to Rokugan's religious structures. The infamous Fortunes elevated by Hantei XVI, the gaijin Shi-Tien Yen-Wang, and the ill-regarded Dark Fortunes of Jigoku, gained veneration from this order. [4]

Known Technique Edit

Temple of the Seven Fortunes Edit

One of its primary temples was the Temple of the Seven Fortunes at Toshi Ranbo. [5]

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