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The Rememberers were the only Nezumi who did not forget. While the normal Nezumi forgot everything that had happens more than one or two weeks ago unless it significantly changed him, the Rememberer remembered it precisely, with details, almost as vividly as if it was yesterday. Each tribe had one to three or four Rememberer (depending on the tribe's total population) and they were more revered than the most powerful Nezumi Shaman. [1] Remembering the tales of the past, the past lives on within their souls. [2] The first Rememberer was Titchtch'tch. [3]

Role within the Tribe Edit

While the Nezumi Shaman was the spiritual leader of the tribe, the Rememberer was the History. He was the living record of all the stories of the Tribe and on a much larger scale, of the Nezumi race in general. They told the stories and tales of Heroes and Legends that would be lost forever without them and for a short period, the others remember. Tribes that had been through tough times may be left without a Rememberer. Those tribes became lost and started behaving strangely, such as the Stained Paw Tribe during the 12th century. [1]

Memory Sticks Edit

Rememberers also crafted what is called Tchr or memory sticks. Sticks of wood gnawed in certain patterns and imbued with pheromones that told a story and help any Nezumi holding it to remember that story and was inspired by it. For example, a Nezumi holding the "Tchr" that told the story of a great Hero might find himself to be a better fighter while holding the stick. [4]

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