Tattooed Monk

Tattooed Monk

The Tattooed Monks of the Dragon Clan follow one of the three orders within the Clan. The Togashi family follow the way of the Kami Togashi, the Hitomi family follow the way of Lady Moon Hitomi and the Hoshi family follow the way of the Celestial Wanderer Hoshi.

In the Beginning Edit

The first tattooed men were those who sought out Togashi after he had retreated into the mountains. Most of those who followed were sent to train with either Mirumoto or Agasha, Togashi's two vassals. Those that did not belong to either of those knelt before Togashi and studied at his feet. These people came to be called ise zumi, and were the first order of monks not directly devoted to the teachings of Shinsei or the worship of the Fortunes. The ritual initiating them as ise zumi would consist of hours of meditation until they were tattooed with an image representing a facet of the person's soul. They were tattooed with the blood of Togashi, which granted the powers. They became the eyes and ears of Togashi in the Empire, and went out in the search of enlightenment. [1]

Order of Hitomi Edit

Tattoo Madness

A Kikage Zumi

The order of Hitomi were founded when Hitomi became the Dragon Clan Champion after the death of Togashi in 1128. She would tattoo men and women in the same way that Togashi had done previously, and were known as Kikage Zumi. After her ascension to become Lady Moon the order continued to worship her. New tattoes would occur spontaneously, and taken as a blessing from Lady Moon. Sometimes children of Hitomi monks who did not choose a life of celibacy will be born with such gifts. [1]

Order of Hoshi Edit

After the death of his father and the near destruction of the Togashi family, Hoshi escaped the madness of Hitomi and joined the Brotherhood of Shinsei. He would begin tattooing monks in the same way his father had done, and eventually lead them in an attack against Kyuden Hitomi in 1131, being known as Tsurai Zumi. After Hitomi ascended to become Lady Moon, Hoshi became the Dragon Clan Champion. He would continue to occassionally tattoo men and women until his ascension to become the Celestial Wanderer. The Hoshi are now most commonly found on quests for justice throughout the land, and often aid the Mirumoto in dealing with bandits or enforcing the law. [1]

The Unicorn adopt the Tattooing Technique Edit

In 1200 one of the greatest artist of Tattooing technique, Togashi Kasuru, left the Dragon Clan and taken asylum in Unicorn lands. The Unicorn Clan Champion Moto Naleesh was one of the first Unicorn to be tattooed. [2]

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