The Taru Mountains in the Naishou province were first settled by the Yamataru tribe, [1] who lived in the nearby mining village of Hitori Mura. [2] In the mountains was set the Sujuko Pass, one of the few ways to enter and leave the province without using the Itochu River. [3] There were many small farming villages scattered through the mountains, as Settou Mura. [4]

Ecology Edit

The lower slopes were cultivated with rice in terraced rice paddies, a few tea plantations also existed, but most higher slopes were completely bare of any life, fully covered in snow in winter time. A number of monasteries homed to monks of ascetic nature. [5]

Legends Edit

Locals told stories about sightings of the Zokujin, the so-called “copper goblins”, who invariably vanished before any contact could be established. A big Zokujin city was supposedly located deep beneath the place known as the Oyukushi Pit. [6]


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