Tao of Fudo

The Tao of Fudo

The Tao of Fudo was the works of Fudo, a prophet who was known for his different views on the Tao of Shinsei, [1] teachings that were known as Fudoism. [2]

Teachings Edit

One of Fudo's teachings was that the memory of the past was a burden that weighed men, chaining them to their past and slowing their journey to their destiny. [3]

Accounts Edit

More writings of Fudo were found in 1192 at the Fukurokujin Seido in the Dragon lands. [4]

P'an Ku's Exposed Edit

In 1199 at the Temple of Fudo within the Crane Clan provinces, [5] a group of Emerald Magistrates led by Doji Hakuseki found a series of scrols detailing the moments when the mad dragon P'an Ku had interferred in Rokugan. Several of the accounts where considered preposterous, as they told of unknown events such Matsu Nimuro being copied by the Egg of P'an Ku. [6]

Excerpts Edit

  • “Do not be beholden to another's path. Find your own truth within the Tao. It is large enough for us all to find our way.” [1]
  • “Seek your own path. Ignore the philosophies thrust upon you by others. Only you can choose that which is right for you.” [7]
  • “I reject all external influences. I reject all external authorities. My path is my own; for that reason, it is true.” [8]

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