Tani Hitokage

Tani Hitokage (CB20)

The Valley of the Spirits (CB20) was situated between Shinomen Mori and the Twilight Mountains. Once it was the home of the Falcon Clan, but later it was the center of the Toritaka family's holdings since their absorption into the Crab Clan, [1] becoming part of the Toritaka province. [2] In the center of the valley sat Shiro Toritaka. [3]

Spirits Edit

The valley was haunted by many restless spirits, and it was not unusual for someone who died a violent death within that place to return as a vengeful ghost. Many locations that were known to have violent pasts were marked by white ribbons the Toritaka called spirit markers' that indicate the location of a haunting. [4]

Ritual Edit

Valley of the Spirits

Valley of the Spirits (CB20)

A nightly ritual of lighting the lanterns and watchfires that surrounded the valley was performed, appearing as if a ring of fire forms each night. The patrols involved in the ritual timed their routes so that the ring appeared exactly at sundown each night. [2] During the time immediately after the Falcon Clan’s near annihilation, the family lacked the numbers to keep the fires burning, and there were multiple spiritual incidents within the valley each night. The chaos finally stopped when the family was able to resume lighting the watchfires. [5]

Clan War Edit

In the first month of 1128 an army of undead assaulted the valley, but it was defeated by a single word from an unidentified gaijin. [6]

Rain of Blood Edit

Hida Kuon wished the Kaiu Wall to be extended so that in time, the entire Empire might be protected. Construction began in the Valley of Spirits, toward the Unicorn territory. The bloodspeaker Mohai led an undead army into the Valley, ready to destroy the new Kaiu Wall. [7]

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