Tamori Yamabushi

Tamori Yamabushi

The Tamori Warrior Priest, the Yamabushi, [1] were Earth Shugenja who lived in the mountains of the Dragon. [2] They were trained in the Temple of the Tranquil Fire dojo. [3]

Combatants Edit

They were the most militaristic in an entire family of warlike shugenja. They were extremely effective at breaking an enemy's line, but being fairly rare and few in number they were deployed cautiously. [4] They used simple weapons, as Wakizashi, katana, and light armor. [2] Their spells were powerfully destructive, [5] as they proved during the War of Fire and Snow. [6]

Abilities Edit

Their powers would redirect the arrows fired by the enemy, denying the archery advantage. [7]

Known Techniques Edit

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