Takaikabe Mura

Takaikabe Mura

High Wall Village (D1) in the Togashi provinces [1] overlooked the rough terrain of Exile's Road, the Unicorn passage beyond the Badger lands and into the Northern Wastes and the Burning Sands. [2] Togashi's Seat was located in the wilderness near the village. [3]

Tradition Edit

Sometimes kinsmen of those who were banished through Exile's Road would take up residency in this village, so they could ensure the banishment remained in place. Such a sentinel was considered a honored, if permanent guest, and would always be treated with the utmost respect by the Dragon heimin here. After fifteen years here the samurai would be invited to join the local monastery, spending the rest of their lives praying for their dishonored relative. [4]

Secluded Edit

Takaikabe Mura 2

Takaikabe Mura (D1)

Takaikabe Mura was not particularly close to the normal routes by which exiles left the Empire. It was not certain why the dishonored came or how they discovered this place. The Tamori family theorized the area had a strong connection with Yume-do, the Realm of Dreams. Some force in Yume-do drew the exiles there, allowing them to forget their shame for a time while they slumbered so that they might function more effectively during the day. [5]

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