Tadaka's Children

Tadaka's Children

The Tadaka's Children were Clay Soldiers with diamond-tipped yari magically animated.

Creation Edit

The Children were created in 1128 by Isawa Tadaka shortly before the Second Day of Thunder. Tadaka kept them inside a cave for a future fight against the Shadowlands. In 1159 they were found by a peasant named Jiru who informed to the Crane autorithies of the area. Asahina Sekawa and Doji Seishiro went with the peasant, and released them from the cave. The Tadaka's Children joined Sekawa to battle the darkness. [1]

City of the Lost Edit

Tadaka's Children fighting the Tsuno

Tadakas's Children fighting the Tsuno

The Children were intended to be sent with the Crab Clan in the attack to the City of the Lost. [2] Sekawa gave the command of the Children to Toturi Tsudao, the selfproclamated Empress Toturi II, to be used against Daigotsu. [3] In 1160 they were the army the Four Winds had to march against Daigotsu to destroy the City of the Lost. [4] Tadaka's Children were destroyed in the City of the Lost. [5] Several of the soldiers were kept alive by the Tsuno, to investigate how they were animated. [6]

Blood Hunt Edit

In 1166 a bloodspeaker cell tried to raise the buried corpses of the Black Chrysantemum's armies, that laid there since the War of Spirits. Instead of undead the clay soldiers were awaken, thanks to the Jade Champion, Asahina Sekawa, who had foreseen the plot and placed strong wards that modified the maho used by the cultists. The Tadaka's Children and Sekawa killed them all. [7]

External Links Edit

One of the Children Dying

One of Tadaka's Children Dying


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