Summon Oni

An Attempt at Summoning

Summon Oni was a Mastery 3 maho spell [1] which teleported the most powerful oni within the range of the spell to a location choosen by the caster. It did not grant the caster control of the oni however, and the oni would not be pleased at having been transported from where it was. The oni might be unaware of the caster, if the caster was lucky. [2]

Creating a Connection Edit

For the spell to create a more permanent connection with the oni it would require a blood sacrifice, as well as a name to be shared with the oni. The caster would create a circle of bones, then place a scroll in the centre of the circle with the name of a living man or woman. The person whose name it was need not be willing, but that would make the spell much more difficult. The caster would then chant the name of the oni they were summoning, while spilling blood on the scroll. If done correctly the oni would appear in the circle, bound to the name of the mortal who in turn was bound to it. From this point forward the oni and person would share a symbiotic relationship, until the scroll was destroyed. Slowly, over time, the mortal would lose strength to the oni, turning pale and weakening bones slowly gaining taint. The person who possesses the scroll controls the oni, and must obey their commands. If the scroll was ever destroyed the bond between mortal and oni was severed and the oni returned to Jigoku. If the mortal was overcome by the taint the oni gain a permanent place in the moral realm. [3]

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