Steel was the material commonly used to make katana and wakizashi within Rokugan.

Technology development Edit

The Agasha were the first to experiment with steel, to find one that had the virtues of both soft and hard metal. Soft metal kept an edge, but broke easily, while hard metal was not so easily broken, but dulled quickly. The Agasha Shugenja at the First Foundry took two sheets of metal - one soft and one hard - and heated them until they were soft and white. Then, they folded the two metals together over and over again, until the steel had the virtues of both hard and soft. [1] This happened in the year 87. [2]

Secret leaked Edit

The secret of the Agasha swords remained a secret for many years, until suddenly, all the Clans began folding steel. The Agasha suspected the Scorpion Clan of having leaked the secret. [1]


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