Spirit was a term which described creatures not native to Ningen-do, the realm of the mortal man. It was used for magical entities, good or evil, such as goryo or shapeshifters. It was also commonly used to describe a Returned Spirit, one of the many individuals who came back through Oblivion's Gate in the 12th century. [1]

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Shrine of Spirits

Shrine of Returned Spirits

Connection to the Spirit Realms Edit

The returned spirits appeared human yet they all had a link with the Spirit Realms which appeared as a glowing aura around them. Their spiritual link enabled them to exist on less rest and nourishment. They could exert themselves for longer periods of time and some even lived longer lives. This innate connection sometimes filled their minds with a strange euphoria, occasionally leading to madness. The Isawa family devised a ritual that severed a spirit from this connection. Only one known spirit who survived the war, Toturi, did not undergo this ritual, as the magic seemed never to affect him.[13] Those who remained as spirits after the War of Spirits marched to the Cliffs of Golden Tears, and in one of those cliffs above the Phoenix temples they leapt into the sea, which was known as the Leaping Place. Thus, the spirits returned to the land of the dead.

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