Spider Clan Renegades Edit

During the festivals leading towards the coronation of Iweko Seiken as Iweko II, Shibatsu's brother surprised him with a public announcement that was meant to humiliate Daigotsu Kanpeki. Seiken revealed that once he was emperor Kanpeki would no longer be the Spider Clan Champion and the Daigotsu family no longer the Spider Clan's ruling family. Shibatsu was to join the Susumu family as their daimyo and rule the clan. [1]

This caused Daigotsu Kanpeki to declare war on the Empire. When Iweko II was in power, Shibatsu joined the Susumu family, took their name and ruled over a small contigent of Spider samurai who were loyal to Iweko II while he majority of the Spider Clan kept following Kanpeki into exile and onto the warpath. [2]

Loyal to Shibatsu Edit

The Spider Clan renegades the Empire would consider the legitimate Spider Clan led by their champion Susumu Shibatsu composed mainly of the Susumu family, some untainted members of the Daigotsu family, and the Susumu knew of at least one member of the Gyushi family. The were small, less than 100 samurai, but they held influential Imperial positions. [2]

Serving two Masters Edit

Secretly, the Susumu family did not severe their connection to the Spider Clan following Daigotsu Kanpeki, they attempted to serve two masters as was their tradition created by Daigotsu Susumu. [2]


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