Soshi family


Clan: Scorpion Clan 
Founded: 42 
Daimyo: Soshi Kitaiko

The Soshi family was founded by Soshi.

Who was Soshi Edit

Soshi's origin was shrouded in mystery. Some said that he was the son of Shosuro and Bayushi. [citation needed] The most commonly accepted case was that it was Shosuro herself, attempting to hide from the events on the Day of Thunder. The Soshi family did not exist until after the Day of Thunder, and after Shosuro disappeared, and Soshi himself disappeared only a few decades later. [1]

Size and Studies Edit

The Soshi family was the third largest family within the Scorpion Clan. They were traditionally led by shugenja, but most Soshi followed other professions. They were associated with the study of Tejina magic as well as Shadow magic.[citation needed]

Politics Edit

Soshi Daimyo Edit

The following are the known daimyo of the Soshi family:

Soshi 42 - 59
Soshi Burezu 59 - ?
Soshi Arashi  ? - 935
Soshi Bantaro  ? - 1123
Soshi Taoshi 1132 - 1149?
Soshi Uidori 1149 - 1170
Soshi Yukimi 1170 - ?
Soshi Kitaiko  ? - Present

Vassal families Edit

The following were known vassal families of the Soshi family:

Mon and Motto Edit

The mon of the Soshi family was that of a scorpion with it's claws outstretched, a net stretched between them. [2] The Soshi were not known to have a family motto.

Lands Edit

The Soshi initially settled in the lands they held seeking seclusion, to keep in secrecy their experimentation with the Lying Darkness and other illegal ventures. Since the creation of Seikitsu Pass they were forced to open their borders to trade and cultural exchange with the Unicorn. The River of Gold was the most important trade route, connecting down-river with Ryoko Owari Toshi. [3] These lands were characterized by rugged hills, rocky lands, thick forests, and low populations. [4]

Provinces Edit

Soshi provinces

Soshi provinces

The following were known provinces under the control of the Soshi family; [5]

Major Soshi Holdings Edit

Minor Soshi Holdings Edit

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