Son of Fire 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1171

The Son of Fire was the commander of the Army of Fire during its assault on Rokugan during the War of Dark Fire.

Description Edit

The Son of Fire was very large (more than a foot taller than he was before the Dark Oracle of Fire Chosai transformed him). His eyes glowed, and smoke accompanied his exhalation. He smelled of ash and brimstone. [1]

Death Edit

At the end of the War of Dark Fire, the Son of Fire was lured into a trap and killed by Hida Benjiro, Akodo Setai, and Shosuro Naname.[2]

Heir Edit

During the Destroyer War a new Son of Fire commanded the Army of Fire in 1171. He had as steed a wyrm of incredible size and power, known as the Great Wyrm. [3]

Wounded Edit

In 1172 the new Son was grievously wounded fighting a combined Rokugani force [4] and Chosai took an inordinate amount of effort and energy to bring him back to full strength. [5]

Distraction Edit

Chosai and the Son attacked a caravan where they expected to find Togashi Satsu's son, but it was a decoy. From a tortured captive the Oracle got the real location of the boy and the Son was ordered to distract the Dragon forces. He attacked a remote place, the first guardtower in the western Dragon lands. During the fight the wyrm was wounded by Mirumoto Satobe and the Son fled the battle with few survivors. Chosai also returned injured from the place he attacked, so the Son of Fire would be the instrument of the Oracle until he was recovered. [5]


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