Sohei were warrior Monks. [1]

Brotherhood Sohei Edit

Brotherhood Sohei

Brotherhood Sohei

Unlike most members of the Brotherhood of Shinsei, the Sohei were trained for war and defense of the Temples using physical rather than spiritual means. [2] Despite sohei was considered more a vocation than a sect, their numbers made it one of the six largest sects of the Brotherhood. [3]

Spider Sohei Edit

After Daigotsu created the Spider Clan in 1169, sohei became a much more common sight in Rokugan than before. The Order of the Spider helped infiltrate the Empire and spread blasphemy. Later, the Order of Venom was dismantled by the Brotherhood, but their members joined the Spider Clan. Both orders remained within the Empire when Empress Iweko bestowed the Spider with the status of a Great Clan and they also travelled to the then ruined Ivory Kingdoms to conquer the land in the Empress' name. [4]

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