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Hebi, or Snakes, [1] were common to the forests and jungles of Rokugan, and the two most known were the tsanuri and the constrictors, [2] but also were others like greensnake, [3] vipers, [1] asps, [4] or bonedrinkers. [5]

Snake Venom Edit

Snakes 2

Venomous Snake

There were only three kinds of snakes toxins in Rokugan. The neurotoxin attacked the nerves and muscles, the second was nearly acidic, causing the tissues to "melt" on contact, and the third was spit by the snake into the eyes to cause blindness. [6]

Predator Edit

The nezumi used the small ferrets to protect their warrens from the snakes. The small pet was an adept at hunting small animals. [7]

Snake Spirits Edit

A serpent spirit could go anywhere, see anything. They were cunning, deadly, and devoted to those of them who understood their strengths. [8]

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