Sins of Regret cover

Sins of Regret cover

Sins of Regret was an adventure book for Fifth Edition of the Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying game under Fantasy Flight Games.

Synopsis Edit

This story takes adventurers to the small village of Twin Blessings, a town that has fallen on hard times since the elements became imbalanced. The crops fail, bandits prowl the woods, and the daimyō demands his due. Have these people fallen out of favor with the kami or is a darker force at work?

The villagers seek an intermediary to voice their concerns to their unjust ruler, but Lord Jikai faces troubles of his own. Within the halls of Closed Shell Castle, duplicitous vassals threaten to unseat his rule, and ghosts from the lord’s past have returned to haunt him. If they help Jikai hold his power they may win his favor or even prove themselves worthy of the lord’s patronage, but is the daimyō worthy of their assistance? Whether they are rōnin or a samurai loyal to their Clan, they will be forced to test their commitment to Bushidō in the face of looming conflict. It is up to them alone to decide which side they will take. Will they support the suffering villagers in their defiance of their lord, defend Jikai's authority, or will they fight for their own gains?

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