Siege of Sleeping Mountain 
Siege of Sleeping Mountain
Location: Dragon Provinces
Date: 1131 - 1132
Major Forces: Dragon Clan
Brotherhood of Shinsei
Generals: Hitomi
Battles of Rokugan

The Siege of Sleeping Mountain began in 1131, when the naga army led by the Qamar began to fight in the Dragon lands. [1]

Preambles Edit

In 1130 the Kazaq climbed to Kyuden Hitomi, where Hitomi bound the naga to her will through the mystical tattoos she placed upon him, severing the Kazaq from the Akasha in the process. The entire Naga race was suddenly alerted to the presence of the Foul, in its manifestation as the Lying Darkness, in the Dragon Mountains. [2] The Shahadet was warned by the Akashathat Hitomi was a threat for the Pale Eye, and the Naga army broke through the Dragon lines, leaving Mirumoto Sukune's forces at their back. [3]

Joining of the Brotherhood Edit

The naga were suddenly halted by the appearance of the Brotherhood of Shinsei. Many believed the Brotherhood were there to parley with the Naga to end hostilities, but when the Brotherhood, mostly former Togashi Ise Zumi led by Hoshi joined forces with the Naga, many were taken aback. [4] Hitomi's own brother, Mirumoto Daini chose to side with the Naga. [5]

Dragon Strongholds Destroyed Edit

In their rampage destroyed three minor strongholds of the Dragon, [4]

Kyuden Agasha Edit

One of them was Kyuden Agasha, which the Naga army razed to the ground. [6]

Shiro Kitsuki Edit

Another stronghold destroyed was Shiro Kitsuki [7] Hoshi and the Qamar decided to seize Shiro Kitsuki. [5] Despite of his efforts to surrender the castle without fight, a fierce combat began in the Fall of Shiro Kitsuki. The Brotherhood horrified with the bloodbath withdrew the Naga, but Hoshi and his followers remained. [8]

Shiro Mirumoto Edit

The third was Shiro Mirumoto, where the Hitomi's followers took their lives to not surrender the castle. Hoshi and Qamar were horrified of the fanaticism of the Dragon loyalist. [9]

Naga Storms Mirumoto Mountain Edit

Monkey Clan attacks the Naga

Monkey Clan attacks the Naga

The Naga cut all the paths to Kyuden Hitomi. The siege lasted until 1132 when Toku commanded to take the Monkey Clan and end the fighting in Dragon lands. [10] [11] The Naga quickly retreated using their Magic Pearls, [12] and launched a desperate attack on the mountain's south wall. Above Kyuden Hitomi, the Darkness within the palace rose. [13]

Hitomi's Defeat Edit

While the Naga and the Imperial Legions were distracted, Hoshi and his followers stormed Kyuden Hitomi. Hitomi drew her swords and faced Togashi's son. [14] They attacked each other, but suddenly Hitomi ceased the fight and walked away, leaving Hoshi to reclaim his father's throne. [12]

Battles Edit


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