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Shugenja Taryu-Jiai was the title of the scroll written by Kakita and Isawa Ujikki detailing Taryu-Jiai, the protocol for shugenja to have tests of honor against each other. [1]

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Kakita was the Emerald Champion of Rokugan, and as such was a staunch supporter of iaijutsu duels and their place as a way of deciding matters of honor. Shortly after publication of his treatise "The Sword," he was approached by the Elemental Master Isawa Ujikki. Master Ujikki asked Kakita how shugenja should defend their honor, since they were not devoted to the sword. Kakita found himself with no answer. [1]

The Champion and the Master spent much time over the following days in discussion with each other on this topic. After many nights of meditation and many days of conversation, the result of their conversations was published in the scroll entitled Shugenja Taryu-Jiai. [1]

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