The Shouting Day was a peasant festival celebrated on the fourth day in the month of the Tiger. The peasants of a village would all come together and shout their plights to Osano-Wo. Many villages made Shouting Day a contest where the participants competed upon the content, loudness and time of their shout. Shouts were generally complaints about the harvest, disobedient children, and disrespectful wives. Samurai did not participate in Shouting Day, as it was well below their station. [1]

Founding Edit

Mura Sabishii Toshi was the community which founded the festival, and held the largest celebration on that day. The origins of Shouting Day dated back to a tsunami that struck the coastal village. The crops and many farmers were lost, leaving the village in disarray. Iochi, an older farmer, saw the tsunami as an unprovoked attack by Osano-Wo. He stood upon a stone and began screaming, and he was followed by the populace. Villagers later moved the stone into the village and used it as the platform for the annual event. [1]

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