Daigotsu, Master of Shourido

Shourido, called by some "the dark path to victory", [1] and also known as the Dark Virtues was a code of conduct similar to Bushido, but twisted. While the tenets of Bushido were based upon honor and duty to one's lord and the Empire, the Dark Virtues, while seeming honorable placed oneself above others. Shourido was introduced to Rokugan by ambassador Garen Hawthorne to Doji Saori in 1167. This was in effort to twist Rokugani society and thus cause division among the populace.

The Dark Virtues Edit

Yogo Baisetsu 2

Control, Yogo Baisetsu

Matsu Turi

Determination, Matsu Turi

  • Control - Allows one to manipulate circumstances so that there may be only one outcome.

  • Determination - Seeing a thing through to its conclusion.


Insight, Kokujin

Asako Kinuye

Knowledge, Asako Kinuye

  • Insight - The ability to see the truth behind facts. It brings foresight.

  • Knowledge - The basis of right thinking. Knowing the facts of a situation.

Daigotsu Rekai

Perfection, Daigotsu Rekai

Yasuki Nokatsu

Strength, Yasuki Nokatsu

  • Perfection - The encompassing goal that surrounds and envelops all other actions.

  • Strength - Acting upon knowledge with insight and control brings strength, and thus victory.

Moto Tsume 5

Will, Moto Tsume

  • Will - Will is the force which causes one to take the actions that they must.


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