Shosuro Kyuichi

Shosuro Kyuichi

Shosuro Kyuichi was a Scorpion ninja duelist.

Infiltrations Edit

Shosuro Maru tasked Kyuichi to met a ronin merchant. [1] He came disguised as ronin to the village of Kyakuchu Mura. He was involved in the infiltration of a group of ronin, led by one named Kana. He later delivered a message to the ronin merchant targeted by Maru. [2]

Death of Kwanchai Edit

Kyuichi was present in Toshi Ranbo in 1169, and overheard the final moments of Bayushi Kwanchai. Two months later Kyuichi reported the death of Kwanchai to the Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Paneki.[3]

Hidden Temple Edit

During Bayushi Tsimaru's raid on the Hidden Temple of the Kolat in 1170, Shosuro Kyuichi was leading the back up team covering possible escape routes away from the temple. He personally ambushed three assassins with his kusari-gama and ninja-to, then killed a hooded figure bearing the markings of Master Tiger. Kyuichi discovered that the body belonged to Ujina Heiji. [4]

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