Shosuro Jimen 
Shosuro Jimen 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1173 
Titles: Emerald Champion

Shosuro Jimen was a Poison Master and courtier of the Scorpion Clan. He was entrusted with the Scorpion sword Shinjitsu, and became the Emerald Champion in 1169.

Demeanor Edit

Jimen was foolish, but brilliant. Brash, but patient. Ruthless, but compassionate. [1]

Student Edit

Jimen was student to Shosuro Yamane, [2] and to Shosuro Oniji [3] becoming a Poison Master. He used his skills as another mean of advancing in his career. [4]

Early career Edit

Shosuro Jimen 1

Shosuro Jimen

Jimen was a relatively unknown diplomat who had been left to oversee the Scorpion Clan's holdings in Toshi Ranbo, following Kaneka's stewardship of the throne and his dispatching of a Naga advisor to Daigotsu Soetsu at Kyuden Bayushi without consulting Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Paneki. [5]

Shinjitsu Edit

Shinjitsu was the final gift of Tsi Xing Guo, the Fortune of Steel, to the Scorpion Clan in 1167. When it was first delivered to the Scorpion, Bayushi Paneki gave the blade to Shosuro Yudoka to guard. After Yudoka's death in 1168 the blade passed to the young diplomat Shosuro Jimen. [6]

Scorpion representative at Court Edit

After the death of Bayushi Kaukatsu during the Battle of Toshi Ranbo in 1169, [7] the Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Paneki was informed by Jimen of the evenements during the khan's assault on the capital, including the death of Kaukatsu. Paneki appointed Jimen as the Scorpion representative at court. Bayushi Hisoka was sent with him to assist Jimen in his duties to present their enemies with all of their political power and sow discord among the other clans. [8] Bayushi Eisaku served him in his honor guard. [9]

Amethyst Championship Edit

When the Phoenix Clan declared that the holder of the Amethyst Champion position was relinquishing it, Jimen was approached by Yoritomo Sachina. Sachina convinced Jimen that the Scorpion should not oppose the Mantis Clan candidate Yoritomo Yoyonagi. In exchange they would have further resources for dealing with the Crane. [10]

Emerald Championship Edit

Emerald Champion

Shosuro Jimen, Emerald Champion

Jimen became the Emerald Champion in 1169. He won the competition after reaching the final event of the dueling competition, where he forced the superior duelist Kakita Noritoshi to concede by threatening the honor of the Crane Clan when he spoke about the Harriers, imperiling the Crane’s strongest alliance, the honor of Doji Domotai, and then, when all else failed, the life of Noritoshi's son. Jimen told Noritoshi's son had been poisoned at Kyuden Otomo and he would give the antidote if Noritoshi conceded defeat. [11] [12] He already had used his tricks during the Test of Leadership with his Phoenix opponent, [13] goading Shiba Majushi into an inappropiate outburst. [14]

View on politics Edit

Jimen always considered politics as an end to themselves, and often seemed to act for his own amusement. He often relished the controversy and rumors surrounding him, especially after his elevation to Emerald Champion. On the other hand, Bayushi Paneki has said "He is most trusted representative, and he speaks with my full authority." Given Jimen's reputation, some have wondered about the truth behind that statement. [12] [10]

Opinion about Jimen Edit

Jimen was seen by many as a predator, an animal. Everything said in his presence was stored and used as a weapon. Some said he was Paneki's personal assassin as well. [15]

Customs Edit

Shosuro Jimen rarely wore the Emerald Armor, preferring instead of wearing the Champion’s blade on his hip and wore the Emerald Mempo with great frequency. Bayushi Hisako was appointed as his yojimbo. [1]

Race for the Throne Edit

The Scorpion disliked all the candidates, but did not appoint any of their own. They even told their support would be for the Crane's candidate, Otomo Hoketuhime, which was unlikely to be true. [16] Some saw Jimen a man who could easily see attempting to make the transition from one position to the next. [17]

Jade Championship Edit

Appalled at the turn of events, the Otomo Daimyo Otomo Hoketuhime realized Jimen would not ensure the stability she hoped for. She ordered a Jade Championship, expecting the new champion could counter the Emerald Champion's influence. [18] Two months after the Emerald Championship, the Test of the Jade Champion was celebrated in the Estate of the Emerald Champion. [15] Jimen expected a Scorpion to get the mantle, but Kuni Daigo won. Their first meeting was not so much friendly. [19] Anyhow he expected to control the new Jade Champion. [20] They seemed to avoid one another as much as possible. [21]

Death at the Mikado Edit

Shogo's Death

Noritoshi caught in the act Shogo's murderer

After Seppun Shogo was found poisoned and stabbed, Bayushi Takaharu was charged with his death and executed. Takaharu's spirit later implied that he had been working for Jimen. [22] Unknown for the Empire Noritoshi had found a Scorpion who was not Takaharu beside the corpse and questioned him, believing he was Jimen's lackey and the true responsible of the murder. [23] His mask features were similar to the one Jimen wore previously to become Emerald Champion.

Marriages Edit

When Otomo Hoketuhime announced that inter-clan marriages must be approved by someone of Imperial station in the absence of an Emperor, Jimen started using his position to approve as many marriages as possible without consulting the Otomo family. [24]

Kakita Matabei Edit

Jimen reintroduced Kakita Matabei in the Imperial Court and sactioned his betrothal to Kitsuki Orika, which had been requested by the Asahina Daimyo Asahina Keitaro. Sadly, Orika was murdered in a shrine beside the gardens of Kyuden Doji the day before the wedding. [24]

On duty as Emerald Champion Edit

Shosuro Jimen 3

Shosuro Jimen

Hunting Piracy Edit

The Mantis Clan performed a plot to aid the Crab Clan against the Crane Clan and the Unicorn Clan against the Lion Clan. In both instances, they would undercharge one side and give them the highest quality of goods while they would overcharge the other side and give them vastly inferior goods. Naizen offered some measure of support to Jimen in hopes of deflecting his interest on these economic matters. He sent Tsuruchi Kazushi to hunt down and eradicate any pirates operating along the coast in the Emerald Champion's name. Jimen seemed the sort to appreciate such layered deception. [25]

Hoketuhime's Death Edit

In 1170 the leader candidate in the Race for the Throne, the Otomo Daimyo Hoketuhime was found murdered in her chambers in the Imperial Palace. Jimen sent words that he would conduct the investigation upon his arrival. A spoon had been found alongside her, leading the suspects on the Dragon Clan [26] the same spoon the Scorpion had stolen in last winter court to Togashi Kanaye. [27] Despite the long-standing Dragon-Scorpion Alliance the gaijin item had been planted there, [citation needed] harming the Dragon possibilities in the Race. [26] This betrayal had been prophecied by Kitsune Narako in the Jade Championship. [28] Some said Some Hoketuhime died under Bayushi Tenbin's blade. [29]

Noritoshi slanders Jimen Edit

After his concession, Noritoshi swore vengeance upon Jimen. Noritoshi began to visit several minor Courts, where he slandered Jimen's honor. The magistrates present did not challenge the Kakita Master, for fear of his blade. Jimen talked with Bayushi Sunetra and told her he could not have the office of the Emerald Champion undermined in this fashion. Sunetra understood and left. [30]

Seppun Reizo Edit

One of the Seppun Magistrates that did not contradict Noritoshi, Seppun Reizo, did it being subtly unrespectful to Jimen's honor. Reizo was an honorable man and a diligent and effective magistrate, so Jimen would miss him greatly [30] after he passed away.

Zakyo Toshi Edit

Jimen placed the city of Zakyo Toshi under Imperial control, then turned its administration over to the Scorpion Clan. To do so he used an information gathered by Bayushi Muhito about the Black Lotus Cartel, which had grown rampant in the village. [30]

Vengeance Edit

In response to Noritoshi charging Jimen with dishonorable behavior in court, Jimen had sent Bayushi Sunetra to assassinate Noritoshi's wife, Kakita Mai. The attack was successful, although Noritoshi killed Sunetra in turn. Kitsuki Mayako, the Emerald Magistrate in charge of the investigation, began to suspect Jimen's involvement when she was ordered to cease her investigation and reassigned. [31]

The Protector Edit

After berating Bayushi Norachai for his failures, Jimen began employing him to do things that he felt needed to be done, but which the more closely-observed Emerald Champion couldn't get away with. Jimen tasked Norachai to survey one of Jimen's own agents, Shosuro Atesharu, whose loyalties Jimen was not sure still was with him. Atesharu had worked for him in a certain unofficial capacity. As part of his duties he had made contact with an individual named Kuni Yae, whom Jimen believed was a member of the Lost operating within the Empire. [32]

Assassination Attempt Edit

Legendary Feud

Legendary Feud

This year Jimen was targeted as part of Daigotsu's assassination campaign against the Great Clans. The attempt was unsuccessful when Jimen's Mantis yojimbo, Tsuruchi Ki, sacrificed himself to save Jimen. [33] Jimen believed Noritoshi was involved in the attempt to kill him. [34]

Celestial Tournament announcement Edit

Jimen and other members of the Imperial Court were blaming one each other about the Night of the Assassins. Shosuro Maru, now called the Voice of the Obsidian Moon, and Omen, the Voice of the Jade Sun, arrived to Toshi Ranbo. With the mark of Tengoku clearly shining in both of their souls they announced to all in Jimen's court, that Lord Yakamo and Lady Hitomi had been expelled from the Heavens and the Jade Dragon and the Obsidian Dragon had became the new Sun and Moon. With the line of Toturi finished it was the will of the Celestial Heavens for there to be a new Emperor, who would be chosen through a tournament to be held at Seppun Hill similar to that held by the Kami at the Dawn of the Empire. The previous discussions were forgotten. [35]

The Empress Edit

Following the coronation of Empress Iweko I, Jimen sought an audience with her, but was rebuffed by Togashi Satsu, who informed him that none may see the Empress unless she summoned them. Inspired by the Empress' divinity, Norachai refused to complete any further dishonorable tasks on Jimen's behalf. [36]

Winter Court - 1170 Edit

Jimen was present when the Empress arrived to winter court at Kyuden Bayushi. He had taken care of the safety of the court. Iweko dismissed him and relied her safety on Satsu's hands. Jimen was disgusted and marched to Toshi Ranbo. [37]

War of Dark Fire Edit

Jimen was one of the commanders charged with Rokugan's defense during the War of Dark Fire. News of a massive yobanjin army wielding some unknown form of fire magic arrived to winter court. Before the Imperial Legions had time to be redeployed the Northern Towers of Flame had been overrun. It was the beginning of the War of Dark Fire. [38] [39] Jimen knew that the Dark Oracle of Fire was gaining intelligence from somewhere and gathered the threats from each of the clans, requesting them full disclosure of any information they might have on possible conspirators or subversives. [40]

Spider Clan Edit

In 1171 during the siege of Shiro Shiba the Shiba Yojimbos were gathered to defend their ancestral home, and replaced by sohei of the Order of the Spider. Paneki and Shosuro Toson plotted to discredit them, and Jimen passed to Seppun Tashime information about their true nature, members of the Spider Clan. Shosuro Aroru was tasked to find who was the monk leader. [41]

End of the War Edit

He was recalled to Toshi Ranbo shortly before the end of the war, and charged with ensuring that the victorious armies of the various clans did not turn on one another. He was also tasked with ensuring that law and order were maintained in the Imperial City during the week-long festival that was announced in celebration of the end of the war. [42] Jimen by happenstance encountered Noritoshi in Toshi Ranbo streets, time enough for Noritoshi to swore Jimen would die after he had finished with him. [43]

Rebuilding the Legions Edit

The War of Dark Fire had taxed the Legions, and two commanders had died in the fight. The Shogun Moto Jin-sahn and Jimen appointed Akodo Areru for the Fourth, and Tsuruchi Etsui for the Sixth, respectively. [44]

Plague Edit

Ide Eien told the Court the gravity of the plague in the Horiuchi lands. The Empress told their lands were beyond redemption, and they would be put to the torch, for Eien dismay. Jimen offered his legions for the mission, but Iweko would not see the Scorpion hated unjustly. [45]

Winter Court - 1171 Edit

Jimen went to Kyuden Gotei to attend winter court, leaving the city in the hands of Norachai. [46] He was hosted in the personal estate of Yoritomo Utemaro. The Mantis advised Jimen to do not attempt anymore to usurp his autorithy, as he did when Utemaro was indisposed during a short time. Jimen let the feud to be clarified after the winter court ended. [47]

Daigotsu Edit

Iweko I announced at winter court that she was suspending the edict demanding the immediate execution of Daigotsu, and demanded that he be brought before her. The Unicorn forces assigned to the war in Crab lands were ordered to pull out and concentrate their efforts on finding the Dark Lord for the Empress. Jimen ordered to replace the Unicorn with the Imperial Legions commanded by Jin-sahn himself. [48]

Kshatriya Edit

The Empress used the Mantis Kshatriya, Yoritomo Singh and Arjuna Singh, to know on the Ivory Kingdoms, connected to Kali-Ma, during the Destroyer War. They had to travel to Toshi Ranbo from thr Mantis islands, and remain to her disposal. Jimen saw a risk too high for the Empress' honor to have contacts with gaijins, so he tried to bar their movements. Utemaro circumvented the Emerald Champion's operative sailing onboard a Crab ship alongside with the Crab Clan Champion Hida Reiha and Moshi Kekiesu. [49]

Destroyer War Edit

In 1172 Jimen attended the Empress' audience, where the Great Clans were given new Imperial Charters during the Destroyer War. [50]

Paneki's Disgrace Edit

During the Plague War the Scorpion Champion Bayushi Paneki became infected with plague. Unable to find a cure, and the prognosis leading to his death within months, he began to make arrangements for his seppuku. His request was accepted by the Empress and Jimen himself arrived to Kyuden Bayushi to inform his Lord. [2]

Scorpion territory invaded Edit

The Destroyers had occupied the majority of the Crab lands and followed to the Scorpion territory. Daigo asked for reinforcements and the Ruby Champion and sensei of the Emerald Magistrates Yasuki Miliko wanted to answer that request, but only Jimen could allow it. He would not want to risk the potential fall-out that would occur if he were to send the reinforcements to defend his own home. The stalemate was seen as an opportunity to the Amethyst Champion Yoritomo Yoyonagi to prove herself a valuable and useful ally to three other Jewelled Champions. She instigated discussion among the court that she was pushing for this troop deployment, and Jimen was requested by the Court to sanction the tactical deployment, which he willingly did. [51]

Chasing Corruption Edit

Jimen noticed that food and jade supplies destined for the southern armies were instead being sold at market. He investigated and found that Seppun Kyuwa, an assistant of the Imperial Treasurer, was the guilty party. Kyuwa offered Jimen a bribe, which he accepted, while they spoke over tea. That night Kyuwa became ill with the poison Jimen had given him during the meeting and died. [52]

First annual championship Edit

In 1172 was held the first annual tournament resembling the Emerald Championship, as per Iweko I's command. In this way she expected to raise the spirit of the Empire and the winner would get an appointment in the Emerald Magistrates. Jimen disguised as Bayushi Nomen met several of the contenders, and was impressed by Suzume Sahara, a former ronin. Eventually Sahara was the winner. [53]

Arbiter Dissmisal Edit

Miya Masatsuko was the selected arbiter and began to name the tournament roster. Jimen found himself insulted and offended when no Kakita names were announced as participants. He implied insult to the office of the Emerald Magistrates and the Empress herself when Masatsuko reminded of other Crane candidates who were both Doji Magistrates of high skill. Jimen dismissed her at once and the tournament continued. [53]

Kali-Ma Edit

Seppun Tashime, a renowned Seppun Magistrate, reported Jimen an encounter he had had with the Quelsaurth. The naga had told that Jigoku had a new avatar in the physical world, Kali-Ma. Jimen offered him a station as Emerald Magistrate, but it was refused. [54]

Enemy of My Enemy Edit

Reports about the Fallen Crane fighting the God-Beast had reached Jimen and prompted him to visit Daigotsu Shimekiri. Although Jimen knew about his true allegiance to Daigotsu, he appointed Shimekiri to the military rank of uruwashii, an old tradition that Empress Iweko reinstated during the Destroyer War. The Fallen Crane was the first to receive this title under the rule of Iweko. Shosuro Jimen, however, had the papers made for the ronin Shimekiri. His plan was to gather as many Spider as possible during the war and to eliminate the survivors once Kali-Ma was be defeated. Jimen had also hoped that sightings of the Fallen Crane during the war could also embarrass the Kakita family and give him and advantage in his feud with Kakita Noritoshi. [55]

Assassination Attempt at Winter Court Edit

Jimen's Decree

Jimen's Decree

During the opening of the winter court, a group of gaijin ruhmalists followers of Kali-Ma had managed to infiltrate the Imperial Throne room. They revealed themselves and attacked the court attendants, trying to kill the Empress and the Empress' Chosen. Several members of the Empress' Guard and Bayushi Norachai were killed foiling the assassination attempt. After the incident Jimen made a controversial decree cancelling the winter court, stating that he could not ensure the safety of the attendants. [56]

Matabei Edit

Somehow, Jimen guessed that his protege Kakita Matabei had been contacted by Noritoshi and ordered his arrest by Bayushi Sorii. The expected outcome arrived and he informed Doji Numata that Matabei had murdered several Emerald Magistrates. Surprisingly, Jimen also told his own involvement in the assassination of Kakita Mai as part of a Blood Feud he had with the disappeared Kakita Daimyo. Jimen warned Numata to remain silent and that any mention of this would be fruitless and only result in his dishonor. Jimen offered after him tea, which Numata reluctantly accepted. The Emerald Champion was well known as a Poison Master. [57]

Defending his Homeland Edit

Shutai Edit

In the month of the Hare of 1173, [58] Jimen arrived in Shutai with the Legions to defend it from the Destroyers, who had resumed their offensive in the Scorpion lands. He met Shosuro Sogetsu, one of his ninja agents he had entrusted to murder Noritoshi. Sogetsu told that he and Shosuro Ohba were there following the tracks of the Kakita Daimyo, who supposedly was within Shutai. The next day, both agents were found killed with wounds made by an experienced duelist. [59] Jimen was nearly trapped, until Jade Legionnaires and Shiba bushi reinforcements magically arrived led by Isawa Mizuhiko. [60]

Goddesses Edit

In 1173 Iweko was granted with a vision, her presence was required upon the battlefield. Jimen, the Imperial Advisor Susumu, and the Empress' Guard commander Shiba Erena disagreed with the travel, but her palanquin proceeded southwest toward the Seikitsu Mountains. [61]

Endgame Edit

After the end of the Destroyer War, Soshi Komiko reported to Jimen that Noritoshi had returned to Toshi Ranbo. [62] Jimen was in his estate waiting the arrival of his mortal enemy. When Noritoshi arrived Jimen offered tea to him and spoke of his remorse for the Blood Feud between them. Jimen had seen how their madness had spread to all those they touched and apologized for Kakita Mai's death. Noritoshi answered striking Jimen down and heard Jimen's final words. [63]

Noritoshi and Jimen's death

Noritoshi and Jimen's death

Agents poisoned you at the tea house last night. I thought that if you sat with me, if we could realize how badly we had failed then perhaps we both deserved to live. But no, it is better this way. I suppose you could say I win.
- Shosuro Jimen's final words [63]

Noritoshi sat to await the effects of the poison working in his veins as Jimen died. [63]

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Villain Edit

Jimen was not the archetypical Emerald Champion, the Champion of Justice. Instead, he was a reviled villain who plotted several murders. Following is a list of those he supposedly murdered or commanded to murder, in chronological order:

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