Command Staff

Shoko Kanbu

Shoko Kanbu was a staff officer who assisted a higher ranking commander by tending to the minute details. Akodo himself appointed capable individuals as Shoko Kanbu. Almost every Ikoma who served actively in the Lion armies were Shoko Kanbu. [1]

Duties Edit

Command Staff 2

Command Staff

Their duties could range from transporting messages to assisting their commander with armor and weapons. In times of peace they would fetch their commander's tea, or take notes at a war council. They tracked supplies and weapons, organized the reports of the subordinate commanders. If something happened to their commander they were left with nothing to do until they were reassigned. They were largely exempted from fighting so that they would always be available. [1]

Rank Edit

Shoko Kanbu usually held the rank of Gunso, but a few were Chui. [1]

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