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Castle of the Swift Sword

Castle of the Swift Sword

The Castle of the Swift Sword (L3), the sacred home of the Kitsu family, [1] and home of the largest Akodo dojo, [2] was built on the bones of the last Kitsu. It was a tremendous palace, sprawling across the foothills of the Dragon [3] in the Plains of Bloodied Honor. [4]

Purpose Edit

Found in the northeastern portion of the Hayai Province, [5] Shiro sano Ken Hayai was always dedicated to the upkeep of its dojo as well as the seat of the governorship for the province. Even when the Akodo were disbanded, the Provincial Governors continued to maintain offices there.[citation needed]

It was responsible for both the Lion-Unicorn border and the brief expanse of lands to the north that separated the Lion and Dragon territories. [6]

History Edit

Founding Edit

Shiro sano Ken Hayai

Shiro sano Ken Hayai (L3)

The First Five members of the Kitsu family, the last remnants of the Kitsu race, housed within a temple. During the ruling of the Lion Clan Champion Akodo Tokoyama the temple was expanded to a full castle, the stronghold of the Lion military force within the Kitsu lands. [7]

Bandit Siege Edit

In the 6th century the castle came under siege from a large force of bandits. After the nearby river, Kawa Shishi-o, flooded, the senior officer Akodo Keiichi used Kitsu Shugenja to let the river storm through the bandit stronghold, destroying their shiro-chi and killing most of the bandits and their leader. [8]

Decay Edit

In the early 12th century its bright had already gone, and the prestige of graduating from this place had long since wane. The place became more of a waystation than a castle or a city. It had no strategic importance, and no permanent defensive structures existed upon its grounds. [9] The Matsu used the castle as a way station for the armies and the Akodo Deathseekers then decided to occupy the empty dojo and make it their own. [10]

Dojo Edit

Shiro sano Ken Hayai was the location of the Castle of the Swift Sword Dojo, [11] the largest Akodo dojo, which taught more then just warfare. It's students were among the best educated bushi in Rokugan. [2] The sensei who taught there were widely renowned as the finest in the Lion lands. [12] It also housed the famous Akodo War College. [13]

Both bushi and shugenja were trained in and around the castle, [1] either at the tactical school or the adjunct to the Kitsu Tombs located nearby. [10]

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The sources relating to this article are in conflict with each other.
Roleplaying in the Emerald Empire page 235 indicates Shiro Matsu as the first place Matsu and Akodo met, and Third Edition Core book page 292 indicates Shiro sano Ken Hayai as this place. As Way of the Lion Page 111 gives another explanation for being built there, so Third Edition is considered an erratum.--Oni no Pikachu 22:58, February 26, 2012 (UTC)
Sources Conflict
The sources relating to this article are in conflict with each other.
In Blood Hunt (Region 5 - Lee's Summit, MO, USA) it was called the AScred home of the Akodo, but it was of the Kitsu. --Oni no Pikachu 12:50, January 24, 2012 (UTC)

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