Kyuden Kakita

Kyuden Kakita

Kyuden Kakita (CN2) in the Takuetsu province [1] was the home of the Kakita family, just southwest of Otosan Uchi in the Osari Plains. [2]

Perfection Edit

The Kakita believed in doing things perfectly, and for most of them that meant dueling. The castle was situated dangerously close to Lion lands, but when both clans were at peace it eased the tensions somewhat. [3] The palace was two miles from Shiro no Yojin and very close to Otosan Uchi. [4]

Dojos Edit

Kyuden Kakita 2

Kyuden Kakita (CN2)

Two of the most famous dojo throughout the Empire, the artisan Kakita Academy and the Kakita Dueling Academy, were built within the castle. Seido Kakita, the shrine to the first Kakita, stood between the two. [5]

Curse Edit

A curse was cast upon Kyuden Kakita in the 8th century. [6] The stronghold's gates were open and awaiting the arrival of the Grand Master of the Elements for a year. When finally the Grand Master approached the gates, they have blown shut before him by a fierce wind. Angered, he cursed the castle so that any Crane born within the castle's walls when the gates were closed could not touch steel, lest they turned the blades of the Crane against one another. [7]

Tradition Edit

Whenever a child wass born in Kyuden Kakita, regardless of the child's station in life, the castle gates were thrown open. It was said that if any child born while the gates of the city were closed, ever drew steel, the blades of the Crane would turn against the castle and it would fall. [6]

History Edit

Kakita Palisades

Palisades of Kyuden Kakita

Winter Court - 1125 Edit

In 1125 Kyuden Kakita held the Imperial Winter Court. [8]

Fall of the Castle Edit

In 1127 during the Clan War the False Hoturi led an army of Shadowlands Madmen against Kyuden Kakita, and their defences were weaked. Shortly after the advancing army led by Hida Sukune burned the oldest Crane castle to the ground. Only the sudden arrival of a rogue Dragon army, led by the ronin Toturi forced Sukune to retreat south to Beiden Pass. [9] The curse was triggered while the Crab sacked the castle. [6]

Noritoshi's Son Edit

The son of Kakita Daimyo Kakita Noritoshi was born while the gates of Kyuden Kakita were shut in 1160. [10] Many Kenshinzen took it as a bad omen that their daimyo's son would never touch steel. [6]

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