Shiro no Yojin Dojo taught the Ikoma Tactician, Ikoma Battle Criers and Matsu Bushi schools

Founding Edit

Shiro no Yojin was once a Crane holding, but in the 11th century it was seized by a Matsu army avenging a slight made by a Crane courtier. The Lion had held the castle since, and it hads proved advantageous in the occasional scrabbles between the two clans due to it's proximity to Kakita lands. The castle was firmly under the control of the Matsu and Ikoma who saw it as a point of pride to continue the fighting in this region. There were always a large number of Matsu stationed here, as well as a significant number of Ikoma tacticians. An assignment here was much coveted by any Matsu. [1]

Traditions Edit

The dojo at Shiro no Yojin had only existed for a few decades, and the sensei had not managed to establish many traditions. One of their more interesting practices was a full attack drill in the middle of the night when a new class had arrived, an elaborate affair that involved everyone in the castle. By determining how ready the students were for an attack the teachers could determine the amount of training they would require. A little known and very questionable practice at the dojo was the dressing of all targets and practice equipment in Crane armor. Guests at the castle were of course not allowed in the areas where this took place, and the Matsu were fully aware that if the Crane were to discover this it would be percieved to be a great dishonor. The Matsu did of course not fear that the Crane would attack them, but were loathe to give them more ammunition for the courts. [1]

Training Edit

The Students at Shiro no Yojin were trained as if they were soldiers in a time of war. Double watch was kept around the clock, and patrols constantly surveyed the entire region. This was observed by the students, who learned from observing the soldiers stationed here. It was an exhausting and punishing regime, but the students responded well to it, and some of the finest bushi the Matsu had ever seen had come from the dojo here. [1]

Dojo Benefits Edit

The students of the dojo were renowned for their aggressive and unforgiving natures as well as their inbridled ferocity in battle. They could be noticed by a red edge to the sleeve of their kimono signifying the blood of the enemies they would slay for their clan. [1]

Sensei Edit

The dojo here was established after the War of Spirits, and the chief sensei Ikoma Akiuji served during it's entire operation. [1]

Notable Sensei Edit

Notable Students Edit


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