Shiro no Shosuro

Shiro no Shosuro

The Castle of Pretending (S5) in the Kawa province [1] was a riverine port city, home of the Shosuro family. [2]

Appearance Edit

Shiro no Shosuro 2

Shiro no Shosuro

The castle design was bizarre, and magnificent. Every new year the Shosuro changed the castle's decorations, layout, and surrounding lands. No two generations grew up with the same Castle of Pretending. [3] It rested atop low hills, overlooking the River of Gold on the west. It was not built with military defense foremost in mind; the interior grounds were spacious, with a central keep, and a series of yashiki within the outer walls. [4]

Notable Locations Edit

The Shosuro had always been famous for their herbalist and alchemical experiments. Far beneath the entertainment halls the Shosuro distilled brews both fair and foul, [5] and the infamous Shosuro Gardens was where all manner of strange plants and herbs could be found. Despite their sinister reputation the castle was a popular destination as it also housed the Silken Smile Theater, famous for its magnificent productions throughout the Empire. [6] The stronghold was a port of call for ships passing up and down the river, serving as a main defensive point against any naval incursion from the south, and was home to most of the Scorpion Clan's own ships and shipwrights. [7]

History Edit

Oracle of Fire's Rage Edit

In 1123 the Oracle of Fire began his preparations to depart the mortal realm. The Oracle had to choose a successor, and he choose an eta girl. The Scorpion Clan were outraged, and attempted to manipulate the Oracle into declaring one of their own as the next Oracle. The plan failed and the Oracle attacked Shiro no Shosuro. His wrath was eventually appeased by a group of industrious samurai. [8] [9]

After the Coup Edit

After the failure of the Scorpion Coup the castle was put to torch by the Scorpion before the Imperial Legions plundered their wealth and secrets. One fifth of the Eighteenth Legion were slew by the noxious smoke which came from the herbs of the garden. [10]

The Shadows Edit

In 1132 after the return of the Scorpion Clan from his exile in the Burning Sands, the castle had been infested by the Shadow. The Scorpion dealed with the Naga to discover a way to drive out them. [11]


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