The Castle of Lighting was an Imperial keep located in Hantei's Point, an island of the archipelago known as the Eternal Danger Islands. The City of the Prosperous Dawn began as this small four story keep, on a cleared plain overlooking the Fortune's Favor Bridge, which connected the island to mainland Rokugan. Delays and disasters had repeatedly forestalled the completion of the structure, so the castle had never been fully completed. [1]

Appearance Edit

The main keep was finished, the supporting structuresm, walls, and barracks were only about half-done. A ditch for a moat was incomplete The first floor was reserved for guests and held a large audience chamber, the Demon's Courtroom. The second floor housed the leaders of the various clan delegations. The third floor held the offices of the Imperial explorers and was the center of the Imperial bureaucracy on the Islands. The highest floor was the personal quarters of the Imperial administrator. [2]

Incidents Edit

Under the rule of the governor Miya Onako, peasant woodsmen came racing into the city, reporting of dead bodies in a forest nearby. A group of Rokugani had been pinned down by unknown creatures. [3]


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