Otaku Palaces

Utaku Palaces

Battle Maiden Castle (U11) in the Manaka province [1] was the headquarters of the Utaku family. [2] It was called Shiro Otaku Shoju before 1133, and then renamed as Shiro Utaku Shojo following the Otaku family's renaming to Utaku.

Location Edit

Shiro Utaku Shojo

Shiro Utaku Shojo (U11)

It laid in the centre of the Utaku Plains, surrounded by flat plain on all sides, and easily spotted from hundreds of leagues away, outsiders were never allowed close to it. [2] It was an ideal location, affording freedom of movement for defending troops while still providing a problem for any advancing armies. The Utaku Ancestral Home lacked the splendor of the other Unicorn castles, but was perhaps the best fortified. [3]

Appearance Edit

Shiro Utaku Shojo was an unequaled lushness land beauty, among most perfect structures in Rokugan. The castle's architecture was a perfect balance between gaijin and Rokugani influence. [4] A massive stone wall encircled the city, and many inner walls, separated the city's various districts. [5]

Utaku Stables Edit

The fortress was the home of the Utaku Stables, breeding grounds for the greatest horses the Emerald Empire had ever seen, the Utaku steeds. So large were the stables in fact, that they needed their own walls and defensive guard to protect them. The horses here all belonged to the Utaku battle maidens, and were bred and trained in the plains around the castle. [2]

Battle Maiden school Edit

The castle housed the Battle Maiden school. When not traveling the Empire looking for war, most battle maidens could be found here, serving as a garrison and police force for the rest of the Clan. [2] [6]

Dojo Edit

Within the Utaku home laid the Shiro Utaku Shojo Dojo, [7] [8] and the World's Balance school [9] Before their gempukku the Shiotome performed several tests in the Utaku Testing Grounds, between Shiro Utaku Shojo and the forest to the west. South of the Grounds were built the Utaku Infantry Dojo. [10]

History Edit

Otaku Palaces 2

Utaku Palaces

Founding Edit

The Otaku Palace was built by the remnants Shinjo left in Rokugan during the Ki-Rin's Exodus, those who would be known as the Fox Clan. [11]

War of Dark Fire Edit

In 1171 during the War of Dark Fire the Army of Fire circumvented Shiro Shinjo and marched toward Shiro Utaku [12] in the Battle of Shiro Utaku. [13]

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