Shiro Moto

Shiro Moto

The Moto family Castle (U27) in the Ikoku province [1] sat amid a region known as the Field of the Winds. [2] It was commissioned by Moto Gaheris after he became the Unicorn Clan Champion. Being disgusted with the Shinjo family's involvement with the Kolat Gaheris had a formidable structure of obvious gaijin design built. The interior however, was quite comfortable. [3]

Appearance Edit

Shiro Moto 2

Shiro Moto (U27)

Onion bulb towers reached for the sky besides many-tiered pagodas. A many-tiered wall surrounded the palace on all sides, giving an impression of stability and power. [4]

Locations Edit

Shiro Moto was home to the Dojo of the Center, the primary dojo for the Khol. Near the castle laid the Far Runner Dojo, the Hiruma dojo, which predated the construction of Shiro Moto. The barracks of the White Guard were located inside the castle, and they had more in common with a temple than a traditional barracks. [5]

History Edit

Fall of Shiro Moto Edit

In 1170 in the Month of the Dragon the gates of Shiro Moto fell. The Lion army seized the city, and Matsu Yoshino and Moto Chagatai died in the ensuing fight and destruction. [6] The citadel, which had been burned to the ground, was quickly rebuilt afterward. [7]

Winter Court - 1180 Edit

Shiro Moto Winter Court

Shiro Moto Winter Court

Shiro Moto was granted to hold winter court in 1180. The behaviour of the guests and hosts was not to be mentioned in any polite company. [8]

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