Shiro Koritome

Shiro Koritome

Shiro Koritome was the stronghold of the Koritome vassal family. The castle's construction and resources matched that of many Minor Clan strongholds, and their armies equalled the strength of many smaller but more respected families of the Empire. It was located on the road between Kaeru Toshi and Tonfajutsen, defended by watchtowers both on and outside the walls of the castle where the archers could move swiftly from tower to tower. [1]

Appearance Edit

Built in the 5th century within the Heigen province, it sat on a huge parcel of land surrounded by squat watchtowers connected to the main castle by a network of walkways, rope bridges, and bamboo ladders. The town outside the castle was known as Koritome Toshi. [2]


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