Shiro Kitsuki

Shiro Kitsuki

Last Step Castle (D9) in the Shinpi province [1] was named so because of the steep climb that led away from the castle to the High House of Light, the gateway to the Dragon mountains. [2] In 1200 the Dragon Wall was magically built with no gate, no door, blocking the entrance to or exit from the Dragon provinces north of Last Step Castle. [3]

Founded Edit

Shiro Kitsuki 2

Shiro Kitsuki

Originally little more than a collection of towers and barracks under the direction of the Mirumoto family, [4] the castle was awarded to Agasha Kitsuki after he was permitted to found the Kitsuki family. Some said there was a secret path leading from the flatlands to Shiro Kitsuki, but if there was it was well hidden. [5] only known to the Kitsuki and few Tattooed Monk. The castle was also the final destination for those who went to the Great Climb to the west. [6]

Appearance Edit

Diplomatic Center Edit

Shiro Kitsuki, the diplomatic center for the Dragon Clan, was a trio of high castles, connected to each other by an encircling fortified wall. It had a large number of guest accommodations, and the court chambers were very slightly more lavish than those of more individualistic family estates. [7] The castle had a very small garrison, but it had many other methods of protection. Many of these were enchantments, such as one that flinged anyone trying to scale the walls to their death against the ground. [8]

Trial Court Edit

It held the one of the largest courts in the Dragon lands, second to Dojo of the Perfect Word. Most trials and sentencing in the Dragon lands by their magistrates were carried out in the castle. [8]

Kitsuki Magistrate Dojo Edit

The castle was home to the Dojo of the First Glance, which was where the Kitsuki Method was taught to all would-be Kitsuki Magistrates. [8] The Kitsuki Courtier, Tamori Shugenja and Tamori Follower of the Method were taught in the castle's dojo. [9] There was an ongoing collaboration between the Kitsuki and the Tamori shugenja. The Tamori had built a temple at the castle to a great Earth spirit that lived in the mountains, despite their affinity to Earth. [citation needed]

Kitsuki library Edit

Last Step Castle

Last Step Castle

A great library at the castle compiled all the Kitsuki Journals gathered by the magistrates at the end of their investigations. [10]

Battles Edit

Hitomi Edit

In 1131 during the Siege of Sleeping Mountain, Shiro Kitsuki was one of the castle besieged by the Naga army [11] and later was seized. [12]

Sieged again Edit

In 1168 during the War of Silk and Steel the crane and lion armies besieged the castle. [13] [14]

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Shiro Kitsuki 3

Shiro Kitsuki (D9)


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