Kaiu Shiro

Shiro Kaiu

The Carpenter Castle (CB4) was the main fortress of the Kaiu family. The castle lay on the shores of the Seigo River, [1] within the Yoake province. [2] It served as a spiritual and political center. [3]

Founded Edit

Kaiu Shiro 2

Kaiu Shiro (CB4)

The castle pre-dated the Kaiu Wall by nearly eight centuries, [4] but the wall encompassed the entire castle when it was built in the sixty days before the Battle of the Cresting Wave, making it difficult to tell, centuries later, where the castle ended and the wall began. The castle walls were adorned with schematics and the main courtyard housed the legendary Kaiu's Forge. [5] [6]

Appearance Edit

The castle itself seemed to have been hewn from a single piece of stone. Siege engines of all kinds adorned the castle walls. The castle was among the more hospitable Crab strongholds, hosting winter courts. Guests were typically those who sharde similar interests with the Kaiu. [7] The Seventh through Ninth Legions of the Third Crab Army garrisoned it. [3]

Notable Locations Edit

Dojo Edit

Kaiu Shiro was the location of the Daishiki's Anvil Dojo [8] and the Kaiu Engineering Academy. [9]

The Great Forge Edit

The Great Forge was the most sacred location in the Kaiu provinces. Kaiu's original forge, was built upon until it became the largest forge in the Empire. [7]

Secret Tunnels Edit

Beneath the castle there ran a complex series of passages and catacombs running off into the Kaiu Wall and out into concealed locations in the Shadowlands. Crab scouts used the passages to enter the Shadowlands and return with reports on any significant developments. [10] [6]

History Edit

The Constant Siege Edit

Kaiu Fortress

Kaiu Shiro Besieged

The castle was home to the largest smithy in Rokugan. From there the Kaiu family maintained the Carpenter Wall, constantly upgrading defenses and building new siege weapons. The plains surrounding Kaiu Shiro were covered with ballistae and catapults waiting to be moved into position on the wall. [10] [6]

Ablazed Edit

In 1159 the castle was ordered to be set ablaze by its commander Hida Tenshu, rather than let it fall into the hands of the Horde. [11]

Rebuilt Edit

In 1160 the new castle of Kaiu Shiro was finished. Hiruma Osuno, the Oracle of Earth, appeared to pay his respects to the newly finished castle, to place his blessings upon the fortress. [12]

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Carpenter Castle

Carpenter Castle


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