Shiro Hiruma

Shiro Hiruma

Shiro Hiruma (CB13), also known as Haiko no Hiruma, [1] Kyuden Hiruma, [2] Citadel of the Hiruma, [3] and Daylight Castle, was the home of the Hiruma family until it was lost to the Shadowlands. It took centuries for the castle to be reclaimed, but when it did it came at the cost of the life of Crab Clan Champion Hida Yakamo. Since its recapture it was besieged by the Shadowlands on a daily basis, until a uneasy truce was formed with Daigotsu following the rise of Iuchiban. [4] It was located in the Ienikaeru province. [5]

Founding Edit

Shiro Hiruma 3

Shiro Hiruma (CB13)

Shiro Hiruma wa a physically small and spartan fortress built during the Dawn of the Empire, whose sole purpose was to coordinate the Hiruma family's war against the Shadowlands. [6]

History Edit

Crab-Nezumi Alliance Edit

In 314 the castle was besieged and severely damaged. [7] The Forever Racing Tomorrow Tribe [8] led by Hiruma Kazuma were instrumental in the defeat of the Shadowlands forces, [9] beginning the Crab-Nezumi alliance. [10] The famous Kaiu architect Kaiu Anou oversaw the rebuilding of the castle. [7]

Besieged Edit

In 375 [11] Usu no Oni gathered and army and marched on Hiruma Castle. [12] The Shadowlands forces were defeated in the gates of Kyuden Hida, after the arrival of the Imperial Legions under the command of the Emperor Hantei Fujiwa, [13] who placed them, and even himself, under the command of Crab Champion Hida Ichido. [14]

The Fall of Hiruma Castle Edit

Hiruma Castle was destroyed by the army of The Maw in the Month of the Serpent of 716. [15] The vaunted Hiruma Scouts could not even prepare against the ferocity of the assault from a large army which size had not been seen since the time of Fu Leng. The Crab rallied at Hiruma castle, depending on it's strength which had never before failed them. [16] Before launching its offensive, The Maw had sought out the Dark Oracle of Earth and gained the secrets of dark earth magic to circumvent the walls of Hiruma Castle. [17] The Maw's secret magic sacrificed many oni, which spirited some of the most bloodthirsty oni inside the walls of the castle. The defenders fought bravely, and were victorius, but the damage had been done. The walls of Shiro Hiruma were damaged and undermanned. The Maw's army overwhelmed it's defenses and what survivors there were fled the destroyed Shiro Hiruma. [16] Most of the wall was destroyed, and only the front gate remained fairly intact. [18]

The Crab made their stand during the Battle of the Cresting Wave, made possible by the brave sacrifice of Kuni Osaku. [19]

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In 735 the Hiruma failed to recapture Shiro Hiruma from the Shadowlands, the first of many attempts. [20] Twenty years later it was discovered that the treason of the Crab general Hida Isoshi, a former commander of the castle prior to the attack of the Maw. [21]

Vows Edit

In the centuries that followed there were many attempts made to recapture the castle, but none were successful. [22] In 747 the castle’s ruins are retaken by the Hiruma, holding it for only two weeks. [20] The Hiruma remained without a home, and vowed that they would carry no mon, live by no motto [23] nor carry a banner until their shame was erased. [24] One of these attempts was made in 819, when Hiruma Naomike fought a famous battle for the castle. [25]

Nezumi occupation Edit

Shiro Hiruma 2

Goblin occupied Shiro Hiruma

The nezumi of the Grasping Paw Tribe took up residence in the ruins of the castle, [26] until they were assaulted by surprise and fled. A Crab bushi, Kaiu Shinya, had bargained with the goblin leader, the shugenja known as the Exalted Ugu, to save his life. The goblins used a secret passage which had been shown by the Crab prisoner to sneak them inside. [27]

Goblin Occupation Edit

In 1123 the ruins of Shiro Hiruma were still the home to the Ugu's pack. Ugu lived there with an unknown number of goblins, held in line by his lieutenant Big Stick, as well as two ogres called Mug and Mug. [28] Ugu had made his home in the rooms that had once housed the Hiruma Daimyo. [29]

Alliance with the Naga Edit

In 1129 after the Clan War, the Kaiu needed to repair the Kaiu Kabe, which had been severely damaged during the war. The Crab and Naga allied together and resolved to move against the Shadowlands to end it's threat once and forever. The Naga Leader Qamar pledged that every Naga that was able would strike out against the Shadowlands with their new Crab allies when the Crab were ready. With the rebuilding taking priority, the assault was scheduled for the following spring. [30]

Hiruma Castle Retaken Edit

The spring of 1130, the Crab and Naga marched into the Shadowlands. [30] Hida Yakamo was also supported by nezumi and Lion troops. [31] Early on there were few casualties for the Naga and Crab. The beasts of the Shadowlands seemed almost unprepared for such a large invasion party. The legions reached Hiruma Castle and prepared to hold it against the inevitable attack from the Shadowlands. [32]

Siege of Hiruma Castle Edit

Suddenly the Naga abandoned the Crab, in the year 1131 [33] claiming the Akasha told them the Foul had manifested in Dragon lands. The Crab were left to defend themselves, as the Shadowlands pressed to reclaim the castle. This began the two year Siege of Kyuden Hiruma. The Crab were only able to hold out with the aid of a local Nezumi tribe, [32] the Third Whisker Tribe. Any scouts sent to the Kaiu Kabe for support never made it there alive. [34]

Relief Edit

In 1131 Lion Clan Champion Ikoma Tsanuri led an army south towards Crab lands. The Unicorn, concerned by such movement against the Crab sent Shinjo Shirasu to investigate but he received no explanation. [35] By the time the Lion arrived to aid Shiro Hiruma, in 1132, Hida Yakamo had already been captured and killed in an attempt to reach aid. The combined might of the Lion and Crab pushed back the Shadowlands, and Yakamo's body was recovered. The Naga stole Yakamo's body and restored him to life. Yakamo, now connected to the Akasha, attempted to mend some of the ill will towards the Naga. [36]

Rebuilding Edit

Since it's recapture there were many major repairs done to the castle, almost restoring it to it's former glory. In two years Kaiu Endo and his followers finished their major repairs on the castle. [37] The surrounding lands were left barren and lonely, a constant reminder to the Hiruma how truly isolated they were from the rest of the Empire. [38] The Kuni attempted to purify the surrounding lands as they had done with their own lands, which successfully removed the taint but also any other spirits. [32] Shiro Hiruma maintained a full-strength garrison of 33 legions - over half of the Third Crab Army - at all times. [39]

Reign of Iuchiban Edit

Hiruma Outer Watchtower attacked

Hiruma Outer Watchtower attacked

In 1165 before the Rain of Blood, the castle was assaulted by Iuchiban in his bid to control the Shadowlands. A legion of Lost, led by Kokujin and Kyofu, attacked Iuchiban's army and offered a truce to the Crab on Daigotsu's behalf. [40]

Demons fleeing Edit

In the month of the Monkey of 1171 [41] a massive force of large and lesser oni, Ogres, trolls, and goblins approached to the castle, and the Hiruma stood to face their sure destruction. They broke into flanks, half of the beasts flowed past on the west side and the other half on the east. By the time the horde had passed the castle leaving in completely untouched, the Hiruma stood confused. The demons were fleeing [42] from something more dangerous. The presence of the horde completely cut Shiro Hiruma off from contact from the Empire. [41]

Destroyer War Edit

During the Destroyer War the Hiruma castle remained behind the Destroyers' lines, defending it with aid of Mantis supplies transported by Yoritomo Iwata. The gaijin demon had circumvented the castle [43] and it remained quiet for two years. In 1173 the forces of Shiro Hiruma launched an offensive against the Destroyers from the rear, [44] attacking from the ruins of Kyuden Hida. [45] when Kali-Ma died, the monsters started to go crazy and they threw themselves against each other, and against the castle. In the Month of the Tiger they were two weeks to be short of supplies, and they began planning to cross the Shadowlands toward the Crab lands, whitout any hope to survive the exposure to the taint in the Shadowlands terrain. Eventually Hida Demopen led the forces who reached them during this month before they departed. [46] He explained the Shadowlands taint would not be anymore a threat to the humans. The Master of Jigoku Daigotsu withheld it as part of a bargain with the Empress Iweko I. The people of Rokugan would be spared the Taint forever. [47]

Notable Locations in the Castle Edit

Appearance Edit

The Hiruma had neither the desire nor time to decorate their home. They would very rarely, if ever, host major delegates from other clans or even other families of the Crab. Visitors were rare, as few wished to travel past the Kaiu Kabe. [38] It had a great bell to be rang when the Shadowlands attacks were seeing by the guards. [48]

Surrounding Land Edit

The castle was constantly coming under attack from the Shadowlands, which seemed to believe it belonged to them. Ambush pits dotted the landscape making siege weaponry useless against the castle, and Hiruma Stalkers would frequently destroy any large weapons before they could be brought to bear upon the castle. The castle was made to be too costly for Daigotsu and the Lost to capture. [49]

Kuni Tower Edit

The Castle had a tower which was entirely garrisoned by Kuni Witch Hunters, dedicated to supporting the Hiruma and even defending the castle if need be. [50]

Barracks Edit

The barracks of the Hiruma were situated in chambers beneath the castle, which housed and trained the Hiruma samurai in the First Strike Dojo. Many tunnels lead out from the barracks away from the casle walls, allowing the Hiruma to strike at the backs of any attackers. The passages were heavily protected by Kuni wards of jade and Hiruma Stalkers. [49]

Candle Temple Edit

Possibly the castle's most surprising structure was the Candle Temple, due to it's gilded trim and many paintings of Osano-Wo. It was a shrine dedicated to Hiruma and Osano-Wo, tended by monks from the Order of Osano-Wo. Any time the Shadowlands breached the castle they always stayed clear of the temple, as if the ground itself was made of jade. [49]

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Notable Nearby Locations Edit

Citadel of the Hiruma

Citadel of the Hiruma

White Temple Edit

Located just north of Shiro Hiruma was the White Temple, where the Kuni would conduct their field research. The Kuni and Hiruma here would work side by side, and the library contained within held a wealth of information to be used by the Crab. [49]

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Road of Jade Edit

The Road of Jade, although not officially recognized as a road by the rest of the Empire, was the fiercely guarded supply route that connected the Razor of the Dawn Castle to Shiro Hiruma and the Lone Candle Keep. [49] The regular supply runs here from the Kaiu Kabe were almost always under attacks. [32]

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