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Shiro is the Rokugani word for Castles.

Appearance Edit

Like the kyuden, a shiro was frequently the ancestral estate of a great family, but they were designed placing far more emphasis on function than on form. These military, defensible fortifications were frequently found near to a clan's borders, having expansive storehouses in the event of a siege. Shiro included many "murder holes," openings in the walls from which archers and shugenja could strike down their assailants. [1]

Rokugani Castles Edit

Aojiroi Oku Shiro "Pale Oak Castle", "Shiro no Aojiroi Oku"
Black Silk Castle
Castle of Murder
Castle of Order
Castle of the Tortoise "Shell of the Crab"
Chushimbu Shiro "Crossroads Castle" or "Central Castle"
The Claws of the Badger
Fortress of Blackened Sight
Fortress of Teeth
Fortress of Thunder
Great Falls Castle
Haikyo sano Kappa "Big Stink"
Heichi sano Negura The "Lair of the Boar"
Ichime Castle "Ichime Family Castle"
Ikken no Inka "Hiasobi Family Castle"
Kaminari Shiro "Castle of Thunder", "Ikeda Family Castle"
Kamisori sano Yoake Shiro "Razor of the Dawn Castle"
Kenson Gakka "Humility's Lesson"
Kosaten Shiro "Crossroads Castle"
Lost Fortress of the Ebonite Templars
Lost Traveler Castle
Maisuna Shiro "Maisuna Family Castle"
Meian Castle
Morning Frost Castle
Nikesake-jo "Nikesake Castle"
Nishi no Shiro "Western Castle"
Rokugan Yogasha Shiro "Castle of the Emerald Champion"
The Scowl
Seawatch Castle
Seizuka Shiro "Seizuka Family Castle"
Shattered Peaks Castle "Northern Watch Castle"
Shiro Akatsuki "Palace of the Breaking Dawn"
Shiro Akibara
Shiro Akiko
Shiro Akodo "Loyalty Castle"
Shiro Ashidaka "Ashidaka Family Castle"
Shiro Banken
Shiro Chiyu "Chiyu Family Castle"
Shiro Chuda "Chuda Family Castle"
Shiro Chugo
Shiro Daidoji "Son of the Crane Castle"
Shiro Giji
Shiro Gisu
Shiro Hanamidoki
Shiro Heichi "Boar Clan Castle"
Shiro Henka
Shiro Hiruma "Daylight Castle", "Haiko no Hiruma"
Shiro Ichiro "Badger Clan Castle"
Shiro Ide "Great Day Castle"
Shiro Iuchi "Gatherer of Winds Castle"
Shiro Iwasaki "Iwasaki Family Castle", "Iwasaki Toshi"
Shiro Kaiu "Carpenter Castle", "Kaiu Shiro"
Shiro Kakeguchi "Kakeguchi Family Castle"
Shiro Kano "Kano Family Castle"
Shiro Kaotsuki no Higashi "Face of the East Castle"
Shiro Katogama "Katogama Family Castle"
Shiro Kenshin "Kenshin Family Castle"
Shiro Kiritsu "Castle of Law"
Shiro Kitsuki "Last Step Castle", "Kitsuki Castle"
Shiro Koebi "Koebi Family Castle"
Shiro Koritome "Koritome Family Castle"
Shiro Kuni "Castle of the Nation", "Castle of the Land"
Shiro Kuraishi "Rokugo Family Castle"
Shiro Kyube "Hosokawa Family Castle"
Shiro Matsu "Last Breath Castle", "Matsu Castle"
Shiro Mirumoto "Last Glance Castle"
Shiro Mori Kage "Mori Kage Castle"
Shiro Morito "Ox Clan Castle"
Shiro Moto "Moto Family Castle"
Shiro Nanbu "Nanbu Family Castle"
Shiro Naoko "Naoko Family Castle"
Shiro no Meiyo "Castle of Honor"
Shiro no Ono "Castle of Axe"
Shiro no Raiden "Castle of Lightning"
Shiro no Shinin "Castle of the Dead"
Shiro no Shosuro "Castle of Pretending", "Shosuro Palace"
Shiro no Soshi "Castle of Organization"
Shiro no Yojin "Castle of Vigilance"
Shiro sano Chujitsu and Shinpu "Castle of the Faithful Bride"
Shiro sano Kakita "Kakita Castle", "Kyuden Kakita"
Shiro sano Ken Hayai "Castle of the Swift Sword"
Shiro Shiba "Shiba Family Castle", "Shiba Palace"
Shiro Shimizu "Shimizu Family Castle", "Otori's Shame"
Shiro Shingon "Shingon Family Castle"
Shiro Shinjo "Far Traveler Castle"
Shiro Sousei "Castle of the Twins"
Shiro Tamori "Tamori Family Castle", "Fire Tooth Castle"
Shiro Toritaka "Castle of the Falcon", "Toritaka Family Castle"
Shiro Usagi "Hare Clan Castle"
Shiro Utaku Shojo "Battle Maiden Castle", "Otaku Palace"
Shiro Yaban-no Buta
Shiro Zurui "Zurui Family Castle"
Yogo Shiro "Castle of Learning"

Colonial Castles Edit

Shiro Chigiri
Shiro Hebi
Shiro Naizen "Naizen's Reach"


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