Shinomen Tower

Shinomen Tower (U26)

The Shinomen Watchtower (U26) in the Eijitsu province [1] overlooked the Naga lands and the Naga city Iyotisha. It was the first location in Rokugan to treat the Naga awakening seriously and the Unicorn stand ready to defend their sleeping allies. [2] [3]

Origin Edit

Southwest of the Unicorn provinces lied the vast and mysterious Shinomen Mori, the largest forest in the known world. The lords of the Unicorn established a watchtower to supervise the northern border, capable both of sending word north in the event of disaster and of defending the clan borders against smaller incursions. [4]

Appearance Edit

The fortification consisted primarily of a tower (significantly taller than most of its type due to the need to survey an extremely long tree line) and a moderately sized barracks capable of housing up to one hundred men. [4] Although simple in its composition, the tower was a solid structure designed to withstand powerful assaults. [5] It was the headquarters of the Eighth Imperial Legion. [6]

Naga Edit

During those periods of Rokugan's history when the Naga race had been awake and active in their cities deep within the Shinomen, the tower served as a waypoint between their civilization and those humans, Unicorn or otherwise, they might consider their allies. [4]

War of Serpents Edit

In 1198 during the opening phase of the War of Serpents the tower was attacked by the Dark Naga and burned to the ground. [7] It was rebuilt within a generation; at that time, the wooden levels were plated with sheets of bronze to protect them against such assaults in the future. [8]


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