Shinjo Yonaru 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Unicorn Clan Champion

Shinjo Yonaru was a descendant of Kemuri, the only children of Kami Shinjo who took the human form. Yonaru became Unicorn Clan Champion after Shinjo was lost. [1]

Descendant of Shinjo Edit

The Kami Shinjo in 153 moved to the Oasis of Spirits during the Ki-Rin's Exodus. [2] There she was lured by a being and disappeared, her and the oasis. When she returned Shinjo was pregnant, and spoke little of her time on the oasis and what happened there. After several months she had a Ki-rin, which bathed with fire Otaku Shiko and Iuchi, the only presents during the childbirth. They saw Shinjo with five children, who carried the blood of the creature of ghostly fire, the Ki-rin. [3]

Shapeshifters Edit

The children of Shinjo and the Unicorn were beautiful and terrible. They were shape-shifting creatures who could take any form they desired, but the form they felt most comfortable with was that of their father, the Ki-rin. After one year Iuchi foresaw the creatures would lose their shapeshifting ability, so they had to choose a permanent form. Martera's brothers became shimmering white steeds with fiery halos, while Martera, the strongest of the five took the form of a manchild. [4] As the children grew, they eventually lose the golden glow of the Spirit Realms and their ability to change their shape. [2]

Stronghold of the Darknes Edit

In 442 Shinjo's group was being attacked by the Lying Darkness. [5] All the Ki-Rin Clan families gathered together after two hundred years, and in a barrened land, similar to those of the Shadowlands, they found a stronghold of the Darkness. Shinjo and her followers assaulted it, but exposed their flank and were surrounded. All the Shinjo's followers were ordered to flee at once, and to never look back. [6]

Shinjo's Lost Edit

The Ki-Rin fled, but Otaku Fujiko hesitated and tried to follow her Lady. Iuchi Suasan did not allow it, she expected Shinjo would honor her promise that she would always return to them. Fujiko gazed back and saw the light that emanated from Shinjo's halo to be devoured by tendrils of Darkness. [7]

Unicorn Clan Edit

Only a single child of Shinjo remained, Yonaru. Ide Sunosa and the rest of the family leaders, Fujiko, and Suasan, bent their knee to Yonaru and swore obedience to him. Yonaru decided to drop the Ki-Rin banner because they were no longer Rokugani, but children of a creature that carried both the blood of the Rokugani and the blood of all they had encountered. From that day forward, they would carry the banner of the Unicorn. [8]

Preceded by:
Unicorn Clan Champion
442 - ?
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Shinjo Daimyo
442 - ?
Succeeded by:


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