Shinjo Martera 
Born: 153 
Died: 442 
Parents: Shinjo,
Un-named Ki-rin 
Siblings: Aranat, Hachiman, Takakan, Umakorn

Shinjo Martera, first known as Kemuri, was the first-born child of Shinjo, and the only one of her children who chose to take human shape instead of that of the ki-rin. [1]

Shinjo Edit

The Kami Shinjo in 153 moved to the Oasis of Spirits during the Ki-Rin's Exodus. [2] There she was lured by a being and disappeared, her and the oasis. [3]

Shinjo's Children Edit

When she returned Shinjo was pregnant, and spoke little of her time on the oasis and what happened there. After several months she had a Ki-rin, which bathed with fire Otaku Shiko and Iuchi, the only presents during the childbirth. They saw Shinjo with five children, who carried the blood of the creature of ghostly fire, the Ki-rin. [4]

Shapeshifters Edit

The children of Shinjo and the Unicorn were beautiful and terrible. They were shape-shifting creatures who could take any form they desired, but the form they felt most comfortable with was that of their father, the Ki-rin. After one year Iuchi foresaw the creatures would lose their shapeshifting ability, so they had to choose a permanent form. Martera's brothers became shimmering white steeds with fiery halos, while Martera, the strongest of the five took the form of a manchild. [5] As the children grew, they eventually lose the golden glow of the Spirit Realms and their ability to change their shape. [2]

Demeanor Edit

The Unicorn Clan's histories speak of him as being a great general and a bold explorer, more than able to lead his people. Martera was also known for being formidable in combat, with legend claiming he gouged out the eye of a potential abductor at the age of a year and a half. [6]

Martera was also known to be a shining paragon of bushido to the Ki-Rin, and was no doubt an important reminder of the philosophies and lifestyle amidst strange and new gaijin cultures. He was such an exemplar of bushido that it was thought by some Unicorn historians that he inspired the first rank of the Moto family bushi school 'Purity of Breath.' [6]

Death Edit

In the year 442 [7] Kemuri had been wandering alone for over 30 years when he felt his mother call for help as she battled the Lying Darkness. She reached her just as the Lying Darkness was about to overcome her forever, and Kemuri sacrificed himself so his mother could survive. Shinjo was deeply weakened and ultimately fell into a sleep for centuries, but her soul and her sanity were preserved and one day, she would awaken. [8]

Descendants Edit

One of Kemuri's descendants, Shinjo Yonaru, eventually took the leadership of the clan after Shinjo was lost. [9]

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