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The Shinjo Horsebowmen school taught to fire a bow riding a horse, involving carefully aim, called Yomanri, instead the fast method of shooting provided by Kyujutsu. [1] They were formerly known as Master Horse Archer, the skilled archers of the Shinjo Dojo. Many opponents were unprepared for samurai who could ride at full speed and still hit their targets. The Unicorn took full advantage of this, and a number of bushi were trained heavily in this form of combat. [2]

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Shinjo Archers

Shinjo Archers

Only members of the Shinjo family can join the Shinjo Horsebowmen, [3] the finest horse archers of the Unicorn Clan. They were trained in various obscure and confusing tactical maneuvers to aid them on the battlefield, but the core of their strength was mastery of the daikyu and their exceptional skill in delivering accurate, rapid fire from a horse moving at speed. [4]

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The Shinjo Horsebowmen were widely regarded as a group of disorganized misfits, in part because of the complexity and unpredictability of their original gaijin fighting style. [5]

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Fightiong on the defensive the Shinjo Horsebowmen harassed the enemy with missile fire to slow them down. With arcing fire they arced their arrows' trajectory, granting them greater range, albeit at the cost of accuracy. With volley fire an entire fonnation of Horsebowmen fired in unison at a signal, bringing a large concentration of archer fire down upon an enemy unit. [3]

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Shinjo horsebowmen units patroled Exile's Road, [6] and they were stationed on Exile's Road Watchtower. These units were attached to the Khol army. [7]

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Shinjo Horsebowmen

A Shinjo Horsebowmen


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