Shinden Gyokei, the crystal temple, was a temple devoted to magical research on behalf of the Scorpion Clan. [1]

Combating the Nothing Edit

As most Soshi scholars did not believe Nothing to be an inherently corrupting influence, they continued the research of learning how to access the power of Nothing. A handful students were set to discovering a means of combating Nothing directly and the crystal temple was their headquarters. [2]

Founding Edit

Located within the Twilight Mountains far south of Scorpion holdings, there was a significant amount of crystal used in the temple's decoration, much of it donated by the Kuni, but the walls were wood and stone, giving a simple, elegant beauty. The crystals' real purpose was to serve as a focus for the Soshi's research. [2]

History Edit

Rebuilding Edit

In 1170 the Scorpion rebuilt a destroyed temple south of the mountains a day's travel from Shamate Pass. They stored scrolls they had recovered from the Hidden Temple, which had been stolen by the kolat from Otosan Uchi. The announcing of their recovery brought greater attention to the temple. [3]

Oni's Eye Edit

All the visitors were unaware that the guards stationed there were keeping the secrecy of the Oni's Eye, a powerful nemuranai located beneath the temple. [3]

Destroyer War Edit

In the month of the Horse of 1173 Daigotsu marched from the Fingers of Bone to the temple, to a planned rendezvous with the Empress Iweko I, drawing the attention of Kali-Ma [4] who began to travel to the temple. [5]

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In Secrets of the Scorpion page 53 the temple is named Shinden Gyokuei


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