Shinden was the Rokugani word for Temples.

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Temples were larger than shrines, and tended to be devoted to a single Fortune or the ancestor spirits of a single family. They had multiple shugenja as well as a number of monks who attended them. [1]

Rokugani Temples Edit

Agatamori Temple
Autumn Leaf Temple
Blessings in Ink
Candle Temple
Chiken Temple
Child's Innocence Monastery "Temple of Child's Innocence"
Dark Cloud Monastery
Dawn's Light Monastery
Eastern Temple
Eikisaku Temple
Fanged Temple
Garan Kokonmurui Monastery "Temple of Suitengu" in the Mantis Isles
Heaven's Wisdom Temple
Heavenly Voice Temple
Hida's Temple
High Temple of Toshi Ranbo
Hisui Shinden "Temple of the Jade Lion"
Inner Light
Isora's Alliance Temple
Kanosei Furudera Seido Temple of Kanosei Furudera
Kuni Wastelands Temple
Lady Kitsune Temple
Lonely Monastery
Meditation Temple
Monastery Among the Winds
Monastery of Bishamon
Monastery of Quiet Earth
Monastery of the Fallen Blossom
Monastery of the Five Rings
Morning Blessing Temple "Feathered Temple"
Mountain Home Temple
Mountain Song Monastery
Mountain Summit Temple
New Moon Temple
New Temple of Shosuro
Nikushimi Shinden "Temple of Hatred"
Ninube Temple
Nizu Monastery
Old Temple of Shosuro
Plains Wind Monastery
Quiet Stone Monastery
Ranpo Temple
Seiden Sanzo
Seven Fortunes Temple
Seven Temples of Gisei Toshi "Temples of Gisei Toshi"
Shadowed Tower Temple
Shi-Tien Yen-Wang Temple in the White Shore Plain "Temple of Death"
Shi-Tien Yen-Wang Temple at Ryoko Owari
Shihoden Temple
Shinden Asahina "Temple of the Morning Sun"
Shinden Asako "Asako Temple"
Shinden Chukan
Shinden Eisuko "Temple of Eternal Redemption"
Shinden Emma-O "Temple to Emma-O", "Emma-O no Shinden"
Shinden Fuzake
Shinden Gyokei "Crystal Temple"
Shinden Horiuchi "Horiuchi Temple"
Shinden Hoshi "Temple of Hoshi"
Shinden Kanashimi "Temple of Regret"
Shinden Nesshin Ikenie
Shinden Osano-Wo "Temple of Osano-Wo"
Shinden Shorai "Temple of the Future"
Shinden Tengen "Temple of the Order of Tengen"
Shinden Yaruki Jukko "Yaruki Jukko no Tera", "Temple of Courageous Reflection"
Shinden Yaruki Jukko at Otosan Uchi "Temple of Courageous Reflection" at Otosan Uchi
Shudo Benten
Souin Kureta
Straw Monastery
Temple of Amaterasu at Ryoko Owari "Temple of Yakamo", "Temple of the Sun"
Temple of Bayushi
Temple of Bayushi at Ryoko Owari
Temple of Benten
Temple of Blood
Temple of Brilliant Rebirth
Temple of Daikoku at Kyuden Gotei
Temple of Daikoku at Ryoko Owari
Temple of Daikoku at Toshi Aitate
Temple of Daikoku at Toshi Ranbo
Temple of Doji
Temple of Ebisu
Temple of Eternal Breath
Temple of Fudo
Temple of Heavenly Wisdom
Temple of Jurojin
Temple of Kaimetsu-uo
Temple of Kaze-no-Kami
Temple of Listening Ghosts
Temple of Lost Gods
Temple of Madness
Temple of Onnotangu
Temple of Osano-Wo at Ryoko Owari
Temple of Osano-Wo at Toshi no Inazuma "Temple of Lightning"
Temple of Persistence
Temple of Purity
Temple of Regency and Stability
Temple of Remembrance
Temple of Resolution
Temple of Sadahako
Temple of Shinsei
Temple of Soothing Jade
Temple of Suitengu
Temple of the Dark Fortunes
Temple of the Destroyer
Temple of the Eight Guardians
Temple of the Fateful Presence
Temple of the First Seal
Temple of the First Wasp
Temple of the Five Elements
Temple of the Fortunes' Wrath
Temple of the Fourteen Hands
Temple of the General "Toku's Shrine"
Temple of the Golden Arm
Temple of the Jade Sun
Temple of the Keepers
Temple of the Last Wish
Temple of the Lost Gods
Temple of the Lost Moto
Temple of the Midnight Cats
Temple of the Ninth Kami
Temple of the Obsidian Moon
Temple of the Righteous Emperor
Temple of the Roaming Herd
Temple of the Scorpion's Shadow
Temple of the Second Seal
Temple of the Seven Dragons
Temple of the Seven Fortunes
Temple of the Seven Thunders
Temple of the Sun at Kaigen's Island
Temple of the Sun God Former "Temple of the Sun Goddess"
Temple of the Third Seal
Temple of the Tranquil Fire
Temple of the Virtuous Maiden
Temple of the Western Wind
Temple of the Winding Stream
Temple of Tsukune
Temple of Venom
Temple of Vigil
Temple of Virtue
Temple of Water's Strength
Temple of Yakamo "Temple of Persistence, Sun, and Thunder"
Temple to Akodo
Temple to Benten
Temple to Fukurokujin
Temple to Hantei "Shrine of the First Hantei"
Temple to Jurojin
Temple to Koshin
Temple to Mikoto
Temple to Osano-Wo
Temple to Shiba
Temple to Shinjo
Temple to the Kami in Otosan Uchi
Temple to the Kami in Toshi Ranbo
Temple to the Seven Fortunes at Tsuma
Temple to the Seven Fortunes at Otosan Uchi
Temple to Thunder
Temples of the Thousand Fortunes
Temples to the Six Great Kami
Ten Thousand Temples
Toguchi Shinden "Temple of Doors"
True Blade Monastery
Tsukuroi Shinden "Temple of Mending"
Tsumekurachi Kitsu Shinden "Temple of the Lion's Claw"
Twin Soul Temple
Waystation of the Path
Western Temple
White Temple
Yasurugi Monastery

Temples in the ColoniesEdit

First Temple
Fukurokujin's Library
Monastery of New Thought
Seppun Temple
Temple of Man's Path
Temple of Tengen
Temple of the Seven Fortunes in the Second City
Temple to Fudo
Temple to the Dark God
Temple to the Lords of Death
Temple to Sadahako

Naga temples Edit

Forgotten Temple
Great Temple of Nirukti
Temple of the Bright Eye

Gaijin temples Edit

Lady Sun's Temple
Sanctuary of the Outcasts
Temple of Kali-Ma "Great Temple of Ruhmal"
Temple of the Black Stone "Temple of the Ebon Hand"
Temple of the Golden Monkey
Temple of the White Tiger
Temple of Vishnu

Temples in Other Realms Edit

Shinden Yuisho Yomi

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