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Because of Shiba's promise to protect Isawa's family, the Shiba had one of the oldest and finest yojimbo schools in Rokugan. Each Isawa Shugenja generally had a yojimbo personally sworn to protect him or her for the remainder of the pair's lives. Because of this, great interest was taken in this school by both families.

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After Shiba's pledge to Isawa, the Kami insisted that one of his own family accompany the Seven Thunders south in their journey through the Empire. He commanded this Shiba to learn as much as possible along the way about martial arts and the skills necessary for a yojimbo. The companion learned as much as he could on his journey, and Shiba's children took his instructions to heart, swearing themselves to protect the Isawa, personally and as a family. [1]

The Shiba and the Isawa Edit

The Shiba were fully dedicated to protecting their Isawa charges, but that did not mean that they respected them as leaders or authority figures. Most Shiba looked upon those in their care as gifted children, capable of many things, but still in great need of protection from dangers without and dangers they brought upon themselves. Isawa shugenja had, on no shortage of occassions, became annoyed at their yojimbo's constant presence and interference. One once remarked "I have no need for a shadow as long as a Shiba is here to do his job."

Nonetheless, while the shugenja and courtiers under their care discussed philosophy or politics, the Shiba's only job was to constantly scan their surroundings for any sign of a threat or danger. At night, the yojimbo ensured that his charge's room was secure, and he never slept far away, always within sight. If a threat did arise, the yojimbo was trained to shield his charge with his own body, protecting him at all costs, even that of the yojimbo's own life.

Although the Shiba and Isawa rarely agreed on much, the Shiba were incredibly dedicated yojimbo. The reason for this was simple: they did not protect the Isawa for the Isawa's sake, they protected the Isawa to honor Shiba and to fulfil the vow he gave. From the Shiba's point of view, the Isawa had no say in whether they have protection or not; it was simply not up to them. [2]

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